JOYCE’s Fifth Wonder is the World

She’s got The World beneath her feet and it’s a spartan landscape mapped out by the best of today’s minimal designers.  This is modern minimalism that does more with less.
Ruling these plains are Lucie and Luke Meier’s textured Jil Sander and Daniel Lee’s singular vision for Bottega Veneta.  There’s accessible minimalism from 3.1 Phillip Lim.

Christopher Esber draws defined lines on the body as does Roksanda with her saturated colour blocking. The Row and Lemaire schools you on the art of subtle dressing and Gabriela Hearst elevates sustainable luxury to a new level. Peter Do is leading the new charge of precise body armour. Our Seven Wonders chief imaginer Christophe Coppens and filmmaker Javier Barcala’s collaborative video is the centre of the installation at JOYCE Central housing these designers.

'The World’ takes the idea of becoming a radiant presence to the next level,” says Barcala.  “A reminder that we can all be powerful beyond measure, and that our ‘light’ affects everything around us.” She’s got the whole world in her hand, seeing all, feeling all and unlocking her sleek prowess. Let The World’s minimal power light up your life. 

JOYCE’s Fifth Wonder is the World

Discover the magic of the Seven Wonders

Spend over HKD3,000 and receive a set of JOYCE SS21 Tarot Cards representing each act of fashion magic.  Depending on which Wonder you have purchased from, you will also tap into exclusive gifts and experiences. 

THE WORLD shines on modern minimalist designers, who say a lot with their clean lines and palette cleansing style cornerstones. Receive a cold bottled tea from Tealosophy.