JOYCE’s First Wonder is the Tower

In tarot readings, it is normally associated with sudden unforeseen change, higher learning, and liberation. In JOYCE, the Tower is hedonistic nightclub, housing maximal fashion titans – pioneers who have architected their own design universes and do so with signature flair.

The party begins with Olivier Rousteing’s outré take on Balmain alongside ahead-of-their-times visionaries like JW Anderson and Raf Simons. There’s extreme deconstruction of classics as seen in Demna Gvsalia’s Balenciaga and Y/Project, and new-era bling attire from Area and Paco Rabanne. A new class of designers like Ludovic de Saint-Sernin and Craig Green are pushing the boundaries in menswear, and Marine Serre is doing the same in directional conscious fashion. Then there’s Richard Quinn making a case for head-to-toe florals in his eccentric English demi-couture.

Our Seven Wonders Imagineer Christophe Coppens takes us into a castle fashioned into a nightclub, where these maximal designers sit at the JOYCE Central store. It’s the after party before the next one begins. “Ready for the next night, full of hope for new adventures” as Coppens puts it. Accompanying this thumping tower is Javier Barcala’s film of the party inside. Ecstatic fashion lovers, dancing freely to hypnotic music, as if nobody is watching them.

A never-ending party, fuelled by freefalling imagination.

The Tower is not a physical building construct but a pyramid of people, in a balancing act of maximal fashion and aesthetic nuance. Known for her distinctive “sartorial satire,” illustrator Angelica Hicks takes on the Seven Wonders as an alternative deck of tarot card.

JOYCE’s First Wonder is the Tower

Discover the magic of the Seven Wonders

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