JOYCE’s Fourth Wonder is the Magician

Style and sorcery go hand in hand, as the newest Seven Wonder is The Magician, welder of power over all elements in the tarot deck, representative of infinitive possibilities in creation. JOYCE’s Magician conjures up the mystery of the avant garde, cloaking its subjects in enigmatic silhouettes.

Yohji Yamamoto and Rick Owens are both supreme masters of this dark art, with their longstanding cult followings. Juun. J brings a streetwear sensibility to his extreme menswear, whilst Dion Lee architects spellbinding body conscious womenswear. You have clever shapeshifting in Melitta Baumeister and subculture delving with Junya Watanabe. And man of the hour Matthew Williams of Alyx serves us stealth seduction.


As part of JOYCE Central’s immersive Seven Wonders experience, Coppens has built a mysterious greenhouse, emitting smoke and the energy of a late-night band gig, to house these noirish designers. The video by Barcala is embedded with messages that are just as abstract. “This may be the most opaque and unexpected piece, which means you just have to go see the installation in store to find out the hidden message” explains Barcala

“As a customer I want you to experience magic, something immersive and multi layered,” says Coppens. “An escape from whatever reality you are living, a dream to dream.”

Fall under the spell of The Magician.

JOYCE’s Fourth Wonder is the Magician