Step into a dreamscape. On 1st October 2020, the JOYCE Central flagship store unveils the first stage of an immersive new design concept that invites visitors to see the best in progressive luxury fashion through new eyes.

JOYCE has always sought out designers working at the boundary between fashion and art. Seasons come and go, but the most exciting talents develop an aesthetic that transcends their latest collection, or the upcoming one. An essence that evolves and shapeshifts, but stays distinctively theirs.

The Seven Wonders of JOYCE brings these aesthetic worlds to life.

Created by long-time collaborator Christophe Coppens, acclaimed designer, and multi-disciplinary artist, seven unique installations will transform display space in the JOYCE Central flagship. The first four will be revealed during the FW20 season, with the rest to follow in SS21.

“This projects brings together many of my favorite roles that I play : an artist, a retail experience imagineer, a designer, a customer, an opera director, a cultural omnivore and a maker of all things beautiful. My partnership with JOYCE as the Imagineer is most delightful and aptly named.” – Christophe Coppens

Each act of magic is inspired by a genre of JOYCE designers. Tapping into their shared aesthetic. Catching a mood or mode of creativity. Framing their designs within a multi-sensory realm of sound and visuals that encourage the visitor to escape. Beyond seasonal trends and the expected.

While the names are inspired by the classic Tarot deck, Coppens’ vision is vibrantly contemporary. In collaboration with Coppens, video artist Javier Barcala interprets the visual sensations into seven short digital films, to be released in succession over the next 7 months.


In tarot readings, it is normally associated with sudden unforeseen change, higher learning and liberation. In JOYCE, the Tower is hedonistic nightclub, housing maximal fashion titans – pioneers who have architected their own design universes and do so with signature flair.

The party begins with Olivier Rousteing’s outré take on Balmain alongside ahead-of-their-times visionaries like JW Anderson and Raf Simons. There’s extreme deconstruction of classics as seen in Demna Gvsalia’s Balenciaga and Y/Project and new-era bling attire from Area and Paco Rabanne. A new class of designers like Ludovic de Saint-Sernin and Craig Green are pushing the boundaries in menswear, and Marine Serre is doing the same in directional conscious fashion. Then there’s Richard Quinn making a case for head-to-toe florals in his eccentric English demi-couture.



Our Seven Wonders Imagineer Christophe Coppens takes us into a castle fashioned into a nightclub, where these maximal designers sit at the JOYCE Central store. It’s the after party before the next one begins. “Ready for the next night, full of hope for new adventures” as Coppens puts it. Accompanying this thumping tower is Javier Barcala’s film of the party inside. Ecstatic fashion lovers, dancing freely to hypnotic music, as if nobody is watching them.

A never-ending party, fuelled by freefalling imagination.









We orbit around the Sun. It pushes us in forward motion and likewise, so does this urban cult pack of designers and brands, who react to the present zeitgeist and do so unapologetically.

Fronting this cult is Riccardo Tisci’s Burberry, and his delineation of class and check. Japanese forefathers of punk attitude are Mihara Yasuhiro and Undercover. Forever reading what’s happening on the streets are Alexander Wang and Vetements. Martine Rose serves us society-aware menswear. You have subverters of codes in MM6 and relative newcomers Random Identities and Amiri. Then there’s the ever expanding creative and collaborative universe of Moncler Genius.



For the JOYCE Central installation to house these brands, Coppens imagines an underwater world with artifacts from past and present. “Lost memories that could be yours or mine,” says Coppens. “Toys of today, the antiques of tomorrow.” It’s an abstract way of articulating the passing of time in the frenetic world of instant hit-cult fashion. In the accompanying video created by Javier Barcala, he depicts a one-of-a-kind life form that lives in darkness and reacts to light. “The soundtrack is a chorus-based chant that may come from the organism itself. And, it seems to be having a hell of a good time!” A light-fuelled organism that symbolises the blossoming of these designers’ momentum.

Under the rays of the sun, these cultish designers exist in the here and now.






Wonders revealed in FW20:

  • THE TOWER. Suited to the Maximalist.
  • THE SUN. An homage to the Urban Cult.
  • THE MAGICIAN. Mystery of the Avant Garde.
  • THE LOVERS. A new generation love story featuring our feminine and masculine protagonists.

Forthcoming in SS21:

  • THE EMPEROR. The Master of Craft.
  • THE WORLD. The beauty of Restrained Minimalism.
  • THE STAR. The Ever-Changing Bright Light.