(English) JOYCE’s Third Wonder is the Lovers

(English) Fashion’s new love story is about to unfold at JOYCE with our design protagonists ready to make that first move, and take it to the next level with their liberated treatment of what’s feminine or masculine.

The characters of their love story are both reimagined legends and new interlopers. Dries van Noten has been liberating women with his freewheeling way with prints and textiles. Sarah Burton’s Alexander McQueen is a constant dialogue on female strength, as is a new generation of female pioneers such as Alessandra Rich, Rejina Pyo and Khaite adding their own opinionated takes on femininity. Miuccia Prada’s male and female counterparts continues to mine the brand’s codes of unexpected dualities and contrasts. You have fresh takes on French Houses with the reboot of Nina Ricci and Patou and from New York, an updated take on American ease with Monse. Finally, Thom Browne’s uniforms, blur the lines for both she and he.

(English) In JOYCE’s Central store, Coppens imagines a visage of shelves, brimming with ideas and sparks. “A mind full of information and energizing thoughts,” he says. “Brainfood. Peaceful yet exciting for what is to come.” Eyes dart from screen to screen, gazing at one another. Javier Barcala’s film is a poptastic showcase of fashion’s new “eye-dentities”, with our protagonists eyeing up one another. “It’s a love story that could well resonate with our mouth-masked times,” explains Barcala. “The communication between eyes and fashion takes now centre stage, exuding an air of love and seduction.”

Look into his and her eyes and get ready to be seduced.

(English) JOYCE’s Third Wonder is the Lovers

(English) Discover the magic of the Seven Wonders

(English) Spend over HKD3,000 and receive a set of JOYCE SS21 Tarot Cards representing each act of fashion magic.  Depending on which Wonder you have purchased from, you will also tap into exclusive gifts and experiences. 

Live as Lovers. You’ll receive a special edition Dries Van Noten photo book featuring photography by Viviane Sassen.