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Private Myths: Dreams and Dreaming


Anthony Stevens

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"In dreams, he writes, thinking is more flexible and emotions are more dynamic than in wakefulness."

About this book

Can we understand ourselves through our dreams? Author Anthony Stevens ruminates how dreams have been explored throughout history in various cultures. He examines the biology of dreams and the importance of dreams in psychotherapy, claiming that the basic structures of our personalities cannot be radically changed through intellect or the exertion of will. "In dreams," he writes, "thinking is more flexible and emotions are more dynamic than in wakefulness, and this increased fluidity makes it possible to try out more innovative possibilities than can occur in waking life." Stevens takes an intriguing look at the link between creativity and dreams, concluding that "the capacity for creative thought and action lies ready and available in the unconscious psyche of us all, if only we can develop the means to use it."

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