Take body confidence into your own hands!

After creating the pioneering face-firming NūFACE device, the anti-ageing innovators have launched the world’s first FDA-cleared microcurrent tool for the body – NūBODY. Ergonomic and portable, the hand-held device is engineered with microcurrent technology to target the arms, stomach, thighs, and other trouble spots, helping smooth away the look of dimpled, uneven skin.

How it works

Four treatment spheres synergistically work together to deliver a powerful yet gentle flow of targeted microcurrent to the larger, denser areas of the body. Creating a soothing vibration that feels like a gentle massage, a low-level electrical current of 700–900 microamps mimics the body’s natural bioelectrical current and restores normal frequencies within damaged cells. The exclusive technology targets stubborn areas, such as the arms, stomach, thighs, buttocks, and more, smoothing away the look of dimpled, uneven skin through skin stimulation, increased circulation, and improved ATP production. Prolonged, regular use will leave you with a tighter, firmer, and more contoured silhouette.

Key benefits

  • Clinically proven to improve skin tone and firmness.
  • Smoothes away the look of dimpled, uneven skin.
  • In a NūBODY study, 92% of women showed an increase in skin tone, 84% said their skin appeared firmer, and 80% of women’s skin appeared smoother.
  • Its continuous, soothing vibration feels like a gentle massage and is ergonomically designed to hug the curves of your body.

How to use it

1. Cleanse the treatment area with an oil-free cleanser.

2. Apply a mask-like layer of NūFACE Hydrating Leave-On Gel Primer to the treatment area in sections. Do not rub in; the skin should appear wet.

3. Push the ON/OFF button on your NūBODY and wait for the BEEP and VIBRATION to begin.

4. Glide the device over body treatment areas in an upward motion with medium pressure. NūBODY emits a beep every five seconds to indicate when to move to the next position, if desired. After a complete treatment cycle of five minutes, the device automatically powers OFF.

5. Massage in any excess NūFACE Gel Primer for additional skincare benefits.

6. For the first 60 days, use NūBODY once per day, five times per week. After 60 days, use it 2–3 times per week for maintenance.

About NūFACE

Aesthetician Carol Cole created NūFACE to provide her clients with a home-care version of the microcurrent treatments she’d used in her clinic for over 30 years. Loved by celebrity makeup artists and aestheticians, the best-selling NūFACE Trinity is known as the ‘5-Minute Facial-lift’, and has been clinically proven to improve facial contour and skin tone, and reduce wrinkles. Also available in a mini version, this award-winning device offers additional treatment attachments for multiple skin therapies, as well as a complementary skincare product line.



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