When staying home becomes the new going out, there’s more reason than ever to make your safest space a sanctuary.  Give your home its own signature scent with a chic, long-lasting perfumed candle from the Australian luxury fragrance house Lumira.  Inspired by and named after exotic destinations that we can only dream of at the moment, each niche scent is handcrafted in Sydney using the finest aromatic oils.  With smell and memory so tightly intertwined, you’ll be instantly transported to places that feel worlds away.  The blissful candles deliver approximately 80 hours of burn time each and are vegan and cruelty-free.  This is a considered collection of artisanal scents for the sophisticated fragrance aficionado.



A tribute to adventure

Lumira was founded in 2013 by Australian Almira Armstrong to bring a bold and unique approach to fragrance creation.  Each scent is a tribute to Almira’s travels and can be traced to a specific destination: a bustling urban environment, a far-flung village in the countryside, or a luxurious island resort.  They distil not only the olfactory cues of each locale but also its ambience and the lasting impression it leaves on a visitor.  Like a perfumed portal, these fragrances evoke a specific feeling – some uplifting, others soothing – in their new environment.  This is the magic and luxury of a handcrafted Lumira scent.



The Fragrance Family:

Cuban Tobacco Candle | 300g

Olfactory family: Woody

Light this scented candle to create a sophisticated and intimate atmosphere.

With its sorbet-coloured buildings and shimmering heat, the faded glamour of Old Havana is the starting point for this sphinx-like scent that’s perfect for both men and women.  Stirring notes of cardamom and clove bud provide a vibrant opening moment, further sharpened with the tang of tangerine.  It mellows into the rich nuance of tobacco enhanced with polished mahogany, a pairing that’s reminiscent of traditional tabaquerías, while earthy patchouli and musk evoke the enigmatic side of the city.


Fragrance notes:

Top:     Tangerine, cardamom, clove bud
Heart:  Clean floral

Base:   Mahogany, patchouli, musk, vanilla, tobacco


Persian Rose Candle | 300g

Olfactory family: Floral

Light this scented candle to create a comforting and relaxing sanctuary.

The Damascene rose is equal parts life and legend in Persia, where the air is perfumed with rose water and the fourteenth-century poet Hafez once asked: “How did the rose ever open its heart and give to this world all of its beauty?”  This candle is a fitting homage to that most romantic of all flowers, its exuberance made more sparkling by a hint of bergamot and mandarin before ushering in a powdery base of dark amber, soft musk, and patchouli.


Fragrance notes:

Top:     Sparkling mandarin, bergamot zest, sweet orange

Heart:  Budding Persian rose, geranium essence

Base:   Soft musk, patchouli, dark amber


Tuscan Fig Candle | 300g

Olfactory family: Fruity, woody

Light this scented candle to brighten and bring warmth to any space.

Under the radiance of the Tuscan sun, the hills are a tangle of olive vines punctuated by solitary rows of imposing fig trees.  This fragrant interpretation of the iconic Italian countryside captures the milky-sweet scent of the fig’s luscious fruit, contrasted with the fresh green of its leaves and an aromatic sprinkling of blackcurrant.  Sensual patchouli and musk ground the lush sweetness of the fruit with an earthy base.


Fragrance notes:

Top:     Fig leaves, fig tree

Heart:  Mimosa petals, blackcurrant, cedarwood

Base:   Iris, musk, patchouli


Arabian Oud Candle | 300g

Olfactory family: Floral, woody

Light this scented candle to bring warmth to a cold and rainy evening.

A dance between dignified oud and powdery rose, this candle perfectly captures the enigmatic charm and opulence of the Middle East.  As the smokiness of its first impression parts, it reveals the fresh and clean rose, creating a clear floral core that’s deepened with sandalwood and patchouli.  But it’s the namesake oud, a rare ingredient with a rich and resinous scent, that leaves a lingering imprint on the sophisticated mind.


Fragrance notes:

Top:     Bergamot, orange, smoke

Heart:  Floral, rose, patchouli, sandalwood

Base:   Oud accord, amber, nagarmotha, musk


La Primavera Candle | 300g

Olfactory family: Citrus, floral

Light this scented candle to create an atmosphere of romance and sophistication.

Channelling springtime in San Remo, the La Primavera luxury perfumed candle boasts a gorgeous bouquet of jasmine, rose leaf, lily, and patchouli supported by a powdery cashmere musk, creating a romantic tribute to Italy’s ‘City of Flowers’ and an alluring fragrance for all occasions.  The floral yet lightly musky aroma smells amazing in the morning when it’s meant to be lit.


Fragrance notes:

Top:     Citrus, lemon, rose leaf

Heart:  Floral, jasmine, lily

Base:   Patchouli, cashmere musk, vetiver, moss


Tonic of Gin Candle | 300g

Olfactory family: Floral, aromatic

Light this scented candle to recreate the feeling of an idyllic summer’s day.

A collaboration between Lumira and the Australian boutique distillery Grown Gin, this luxury perfumed candle reflects the aroma of the award-winning Garden Grown Gin.  Creating an enriching, sensory experience, the candle captures the brands’ mutual love of botanicals and the ritual of crafting a perfectly refreshing gin.


Fragrance notes:

Top:     Aromatic, juniper berries, chamomile, sage, citrus

Heart:  White flowers, murraya, orange blossom, jasmine, rose

Base:   Woody, orris, sandalwood



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