When it comes to facial mask, what is it made of is just as important as the ingredients. Paper and cotton masks are the most common ones, but they actually perform poorly on dermal penetration. And that’s where 111Skin stands out in the fashion world with its hydrogel and bio cellulose treatment masks!

Pros and cons of different materials:

PAPER – The most elementary non-woven fabric, ‘paper’ sheet masks have a coarse, resilient texture due to the poor density of the material. The product within the mask often evaporates quickly and will not effectively absorb into the dermis.

COTTON – Widely available, micro-fiber sheet masks are often referred to as cotton or rayon due to their similar texture. Inexpensive to produce and subsequently sell, cotton masks are still poorly operative as they inadequately mold to the skins contours, resulting in an inconsistent application and hindering the performance of the formula.

HYDROGEL – Made from a blend of serums, extracts and gelatin (water-soluble biocompatible polymers), the hydrogel mask is not breathable, therefore locking in the formula and forcing the dermis to absorb the essential ingredients. Widely renowned for being the most product absorbing mask on the market the hydrogel masks are filled with soothing and restorative that truly awaken the complexion and at 111SKIN they curate their masks to not only carry this technology but tailor it to varying skin concerns.

BIO CELLULOSE – The most advanced technology in the sheet-mask market, bio-cellulose comprises of natural fibres 500x finer than its tissue equivalent. Acting as an additional epidermal layer (a second-skin), bio-cellulose absorbs in moisture and forces the formula deep into the dermis more effectively than paper, cotton or hydrogel masks alike. Primarily developed to treat medical conditions such as wounds or burns, 111SKIN has effectively utilised the same concept within the Bio Cellulose Facial Treatment Mask. Containing Arbutin to brighten, Silk Amino Acids to condition and Centella Asiatica to stimulate collagen production, resulting in hydrated, toned skin. The concept doesn’t conclude at the visage, the Y Neck and Décolletage Treatment Mask is designed to directly treat sagging, fatigued skin below the jaw line, working in perfect unison with other treatment masks available at 111SKIN.



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