More than a perfume range, Vilhelm Parfumerie is a multisensory library of tales that has stars like Victoria Beckham gushing (and smelling amazing).  The niche fragrance house founded in New York and bottled in France has crafted a luxurious line-up of artisan fragrances that takes you on a journey of scents, transporting you into the intoxicating memories of the brand’s founder, Jan Vilhelm Ahlgren. 



Crafted in collaboration with the prestigious perfumers Jerome Epinette and Marc-Antoine Corticchiato, each exquisite scent is a standout, housed in a stylish bottle of spun glass with a flower symbol on the cap, and has an intriguing story behind it.  Every scent recreates a biographical or mythical moment, full of feeling and emotion, with colours, energy, and rhythm embodied in the captivating aroma.  From the lush warmth of Swedish summer mornings to the glamorous Hollywood of old, the secret basement of Studio 54, or London after a rainsquall, each fragrance is a blend of vintage and contemporary encounters. 



Equally stunning is the minimalist saffron-yellow packaging with striking black symbols that first appear to be unique codes for each fragrance; however, if you turn the box on its side, the name of the fragrance emerges in a pattern like the hidden story behind it.  Infused with the rarest of ingredients, pairings, and tastes, each Vilhelm perfume exists as much for its sense of dreamy storytelling as for the pleasure it is to wear.  All Vilhelm Parfumerie fragrances are Eau De Parfum with an average 20% concentration and are composed with the most beautiful and precious ingredients of the Haute Parfumerie.




Born in Sweden and now living in Paris, Vilhelm Parfumerie’s founder Jan Vilhelm Ahlgren leaves no stone unturned in his pursuit of an idea of luxury.  A former model who was once the face of the feminine scent of a prominent French house, Jan embraces a lifestyle composed of simple pleasures, lavish items, and gentle elegance.  The smell of coffee at sunrise, Duke Ellington’s fingers on ivory keys, the memory of childhood summers in Sweden, a voyage to the Gilded Age of New York – there are so many worlds that Jan makes his own in these suave scents that captivate the senses long after they’re applied.  He named Vilhelm Parfumerie in honour of his grandfather, a debonair, charismatic figure who helped shape Jan’s appreciation for timeless elegance and early twentieth-century glamour.  From its dynamic scents to the heritage design and timeless prints, Vilhelm Parfumerie is Jan Vilhelm Ahlgren’s personal nod to the past, expressed in a contemporary olfactory language and aesthetic that turns heads and stirs the senses.




All these amazing fragrances from Vilhelm Parfumerie are available in two bottle sizes: 50ml and 100m


My Collection

From the scent of tobacco to the memories of a dapper grandfather, Jan’s inspirations for this collection are deeply anchored in the moments of his life that left their mark on him.



My Swedish summers

Bright, endless mornings in a cottage, minds battling in wit over a chessboard, are memories of Swedish summers spent with Jan’s grandfather.  The ripe, green lushness of summer on the Swedish coast, where grassy notes are light enough to hint at the evergreen sharpness of the distant winter air.


Fragrance notes:

Top:     Bergamot

Heart:  Tuscan leather, galbanum

Base:   Patchouli, black amber




Tea for two in the morning

Distance is nothing to the heart: the scent of black tea, brewed just as she likes it, and the crispness of morning light, slowly easing away the night that still clings to the senses.  Ceylon black tea immediately warms the skin while sensuous musk simmers below.


Fragrance notes:

Top:     Bergamot, apple

Heart:  Ceylon black tea

Base:   Oakmoss, musk, black amber




Have you ever really tasted one?

With a single bite, you can feel the tango in your veins.  Wild colours, endless skies, and untamed happiness: breath-taking South Africa becomes the backdrop for this expressionist burst of blackberries, mango, and black pepper.  A ripe fruit that reveals its complex flavours – a cocktail of wild orris, black lotus, and jasmine that leaves behind patchouli, vanilla, and a hint of pink sugar.


Fragrance notes:

Top:     Blackberries, mango, black pepper

Heart:  Wild orris, black lotus, jasmine

Base:   Patchouli, vanilla, pink sugar




* Exclusively available at Central, Harbour City & Pacific Place stores

A cocktail to arouse the senses

A thrilling scent that takes you back to Paris in 1988. A cocktail of memories to ignite the skin: a secret cult of women, Matisse’s triumphant La Danse, ritual dancing, whispered sounds, and the ecstasy of burning skin… a maddening collision of ice-cold pear juice and chilli.


Fragrance notes:

Top:     Pear, green pepper, lemon

Heart:  Iso E Super, nutmeg nut, clove

Base:   Cedar, Ambroxan, oakmoss




The triumph of London rain

A sudden shower cooling the air: the romantic smell of London after a rainsquall when water has washed away frivolity, leaving only a zesty and triumphant breeze with a soft echo of the storm.  The strength of bergamot, cardamom, and violet is tempered by birch tree and a dusting of patchouli.


Fragrance notes:

Top:     Cardamom, Calabria bergamot

Heart:  Mate leaves, violet

Base:   Birch, Indonesian patchouli



Flower collection

For each elegant fragrance in this collection, Jan wanted to be as close as possible to the actual flower, offering a naturalist bouquet as a portrait.




* Exclusively available at Central, Harbour City & Pacific Place stores

We all have secrets

She changes everything she touches.  For some, she is the storm: the air around her alive with bold electricity.  For others, she is an awakening: a slow seduction that ignites deep connections.  Inspired by her, an unveiling of Egyptian jasmine absolute and camellia becomes petal musk on warm skin.


Fragrance notes:

Top:     Lemon, kir

Heart:  Egyptian jasmine, camelia

Base:   Petal musk




Love to the moon and back

His love was a dancer with golden skin who loved tuberose more than any other flower.  So, he travelled the world in search of all the tuberose to fill the moon.  For seven days and seven nights, the moon scattered this enchanting scent of pears, patchouli, Ambroxan, orris, and musk across the universe.


Fragrance notes:

Top:     Passion fruit, bergamot, pink freesia

Heart:  Tuberose, gardenia, orchid

Base:   Marshmallow, tonka bean, vanilla




Cherchez la femme (“look for the woman”)

Tantalisingly alive in the spotlight of the Moulin Rouge, enchantingly aglow in Maxim’s soft candlelight: she is the exquisite, feminine spirit of the Belle Epoque – the “beautiful age” in France.  The lingering scent of her fragrance is an unmistakable hint of gardenia, jasmine, sandalwood and amber.


Fragrance notes:

Top:     Gardenia, jasmine

Heart:  Sandalwood

Base:   Amber




The rites of spring

Persephone had been warned there was a price to pay for her otherworldly love, so when she returns to the living, she brings a gift of springtime – a bracing gust of Sicilian lemon and acai that blooms into raspberry blossom, pink magnolia, and violet leaf followed by the sensuality of sandalwood, skin musks, and crisp amber.


Fragrance notes:

Top:     Sicilian lemon, acai

Heart:  Raspberry, magnolia, violet

Base:   Sandalwood, skin musks, amber



Jazz collection

For jazz fans like Jan Vilhelm Ahlgren, you can imagine what the Harlem Renaissance represents in terms of music – all those big names in a whisky-filled, leathery environment that are revived in this collection. 



* Exclusively available at Central, Harbour City & Pacific Place stores

The jazz soul

Vibrant spotlights, smoky rooms, the brassy notes of a saxophone: an evocative cocktail brings alive the energetic soul of a musical genre that broke boundaries and hearts.  Leather and rose take centre stage with bass notes of agarwood, vetiver, and saffron.


Fragrance notes:

Top:     Pink pepper, saffron

Heart:  Rose oil, leather

Base:   Vetiver, cedarwood, agarwood



Gardens of Harlem

Arching above the entrance of formidable brownstones or flourishing in secret backyard oases, here are the flowers of Harlem.  Follow the intriguing whiff of angelica seeds and saffron to the intoxicating beauty of damascene roses and violet, which reveals a heart of ebony wood and leather.


Fragrance notes:

Top:     Angelica seeds, saffron

Heart:  Violet, damascena rose

Base:   Ebony woods, wild leather




Studio 54’s secret room

We travel deep into the basement of Studio 54, a place with no boundaries and a Do Not Disturb sign on the door.  Rumour has it that Freddie Mercury, David Bowie, Halston, and Grace Jones were spotted here.  The only certainty is that those who dared to enter say it was like stepping into the world of Alice in Wonderland.


Fragrance notes:

Top:     Schinus molle, carotte

Heart:  Iris, jasmine petals

Base:   Ambroxan patchouli, white musks



* Exclusively available at Central, Harbour City & Pacific Place stores

A deep tango with Miles Davis

One summer night, in a suite at New York’s Chelsea Hotel, red rose petals litter the floor and cigar smoke fills the air.  Miles Davis plays the trumpet, while two Andalusian flamenco dancers move to the beats of the tango.  Strains of music spill onto the hot street below, dirty with deep soul and as smooth as velvet.


Fragrance notes:

Top:     Bergamot, elemi

Heart:  White leather, labdanum

Base:   Patchouli fraction, papyrus



Cinema Collection

A swirl of emotions is the hallmark of artists who enchanted and thrilled the world through their enigmatic and charismatic personalities.  This glamorous collection pays homage to rarities of the silver screen.




* Exclusively available at Central, Harbour City & Pacific Place stores

Burning for you

Ava Gardner and Luis Miguel Dominguin: the actress and the bullfighter, a tempestuous and passionate love affair with the heat of a thousand suns awakens an intoxicating scent blending wild honey, ginger butter, and tobacco leaves with the warmth of agarwood and black vanilla bean.


Fragrance notes:

Top:     Wild honey, ginger butter

Heart:  Tobacco leaves

Base:   Agarwood, black vanilla bean




* Exclusively available at Central, Harbour City & Pacific Place stores

Life, with extra basil

The unmistakable smell of risotto bianco and a minty, peppery kick as ultra-fresh basil warms on the dish.  A bon vivant who wanted to show life in all its glorious reality – people eating, sleeping, and making love – Federico Fellini was said to request extra servings of this herb that’s rumoured to be an aphrodisiac.


Fragrance notes:

Top:     Dragon fruit, basil

Heart:  Violet, wild fig

Base:   Vetiver, green hay




Greta Garbo’s rose bath

A favourite of Victoria Beckham, this glamorous fragrance evokes an image of Greta Garbo alone in her hotel room, attired in a drift of satin and poignant allure, waiting for her ultimate luxury: a bath of flower petals, with the warm water releasing a collision of citrus and red fruits, bamboo, violet, black amber, and sandalwood.


Fragrance notes:

Top:     Mandarin nectar, blackberry

Heart:  Pink orchid, bamboo, violet

Base:   Black amber, musk, sandalwood




One last bite of life

What would you do if it were your last night on earth?  For Johann Friedrich Struensee, a doomed doctor of the 18th century Danish royal court, it meant a picnic with his love and their friends.  As always, champagne and figs – his favourite fruit – were on the menu, as dusk turned the sky purple.  What followed was joy and tears, sorrow and laughter – a bittersweet cocktail that lives on in this Purple Fig.


Fragrance notes:

Top:     Sichuan pepper, angelica seeds      

Heart:  Galbanum, green fig, jasmine absolute

Base:   Vetiver, cashmere woods




* Exclusively available at Central, Harbour City & Pacific Place stores

Burning for you

Hop a time machine to Moscow in the eighties, where you find an anonymous door, a coded knock, and a distant beat.  Then, a rush of black pepper, saffron, leather, and Sicilian tangerine – a smoky, spicy promise of what’s still hidden that captures the effervescent thrill of secret parties, then and tomorrow.


Fragrance notes:

Top:     Sicilian tangerine, cassis, black pepper

Heart:  Carrot seeds, saffron, black lotus

Base:   Leather, wood smoke, tonka beans



City Collection

Inspired by Jan’s life story, this collection is profoundly influenced by his intimate connections with the cities he’s lived in.



* Exclusively available at Central, Harbour City & Pacific Place stores

A Bowie state of mind

Berlin in the seventies: a city alive with the same kinetic, magnetic energy that attracted David Bowie for a few formative, recuperative, and prolific years.  A perpetual, creative movement embodied in a bold collision of blueberry, lemon, bamboo, green wild orris, and Haitian vetiver.


Fragrance notes:

Top:     Blueberry, lemon

Heart:  Vanilla, green wild orris

Base:   Vanilla, sandalwood, vetiver




Give me ABBA

The right place at the right time, that summer in the Swedish capital: a serene and intoxicating moment in a city that was to become a place of congregation and celebration.  The scent of the ABBA era: crisp lemon, warm almond, an uplifting spray of geranium with the tang of patchouli, and a drift of faraway green fields floating on a summer breeze.


Fragrance notes:

Top:     Black pepper, lemon, almond

Heart:  Geranium, rosemary

Base:   Patchouli, black amber, moss





A new scent gesture

Available scents: Dear Polly, Morning Chess, Basilico & Fellini

Envelop yourself in a luxurious Vilhelm Parfumerie scent throughout the day with this perfuming spray for the hair and body.  Choose from Dear Polly with notes of warming Ceylon black tea and sensuous musk, Morning Chess that conjures chess games and endless mornings on the crisp Swedish coast, and Basilico & Fellini – Fellini films in a fragrance with a touch of basil!

Tips: Spray over your hair and body, avoiding the face and eyes.



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