Has your skin been in a spot of trouble lately? Let’s face it: skin breakouts affect nearly all of us, especially since we’ve started wearing face masks much more often. There are three main culprits behind acne: excess oil, blemish-causing bacteria, and inflammation – a trinity of trouble that needs special attention to truly put breakouts behind us. Science-led skincare experts Perricone MD are on the case with a two-step system that works with your own microbiome – the natural environment of the skin that needs balance – to safely and effectively target the three causes of blemishes. Using naturally occurring prebiotics, Perricone MD’s Blemish Relief cleverly adapts to your skin’s unique microbiome to target troublesome acne while keeping the skin balanced, clear, and happily hydrated.

The solution:

Blemish Relief – 90 Day Regimen
Many other brands rely on harsh chemicals that wash away all the skin’s bacteria and oil, stripping the complexion of necessary hydration and leaving it irritated and dry. Perricone MD’s comprehensive Blemish Relief formula works with your surface skin’s natural microbiome – the protective layer that helps it stay healthy, calm, and clear – to gently and effectively treat and prevent even the most persistent blemishes, while restoring and maintaining a healthy balance for clearer, spot-free skin.

Key benefits:
• Sucrose unclogs pores, and removes excess dirt and oil without over-drying or stripping the skin, and encourages the good bacteria that we want to stay.
• Citrulline evens out skin tone, decreases inflammation, and nourishes and soothes to keep the complexion clear, smooth, and hydrated.
• Niacinamide minimises redness and imperfections, fades blemishes, and normalises oil production.
• Other blemish-busting ingredients attack acne-causing bacteria, nurture a healthy skin surface, gently exfoliate, and deeply hydrate without clogging the pores.

The evidence: Clinical and consumer results

In a consumer study with 67 males and females after 12 weeks:

97% said they saw an improvement in their skin.
94% said the product was gentler than anything else they had ever used.
85% said the product was better than anything else they had ever used.

Before & After:

Other results:
• 67% said they had clear or almost clear skin (versus only 10% at the start).
• 62% said they were satisfied to very satisfied with the appearance of their skin (versus only 10% at the start).
• 56% said the regimen was significantly better than blemish products they had used before.
• The regimen significantly reduced blemishes after four and eight weeks of use.
• The regimen did not cause any redness, scaling, drying, or stinging after four and eight weeks of use.

The simple, two-step regimen:

Day ritual
Step 1: Apply a small amount of Gentle & Soothing Cleanser to wet skin and massage in. Rinse, pat dry, and follow with step 2.
Step 2: Apply a thin, even layer of Calming Treatment & Hydrator, avoiding the eye contour area, for calm and purified skin.

Night ritual
Step 1: Work a small amount of Gentle & Soothing Cleanser between dry, clean palms for 15 seconds and then apply to dry skin. Lightly massage in upward strokes and add water to emulsify to a milky texture. Rinse, pat dry, and follow with Step 2.
Step 2: Apply a thin, even layer of Retinol Treatment & Moisturizer to clean, dry skin.

• Use an SPF on your face each day, as the night treatment contains retinol.
• Always pat your skin dry with a clean towel. Rubbing it can spread bad bacteria and cause excess blemishes.
• Remember to regularly disinfect items that touch your face frequently, such as mobile phones.
• Try to limit touching your face with your hands to avoid spreading bad bacteria.



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