Pulling the velvet curtain back earlier in November, JOYCE debuted its vision for Christmas 2018: Dorothy’s Land of Oz colliding with the nostalgic 80s-inspired sci-fi thriller Stranger Things. The store’s mind-blowing festive installation takes us on a trip through Emerald Cities, kaleidoscopic fairy lights, crystal grottos and gingerbread houses. And with all that jazz, it’s needless to say that Christmas is officially around the corner. While The Wizard of Oz is about the journey Dorothy and her friends made along the yellow brick road, at the end of the day it is still a story about finding the way home. Dorothy finally realises that, after all the adventure and wanderlust, “there is no place like home”. JOYCE Beauty has exactly the same idea for Christmas this year: along with all the parties, glitter and glamour, Christmas can also be a time to feed your senses with contentment and tranquillity. Dorothy might have her ruby slippers to save the day, but we have a list of exceptional well-being products to give everyone a very merry Christmas, even if you just stay home.

Addition Studio

Founded in 2010, Australian brand Addition Studio originally created furniture, lighting and objects for the home and studio. They envision a life where refined design, a healthy lifestyle and a clear mind come together seamlessly. Their obsession with the art of ritual led to the creation of their ritual collection. They believe you can create a calm, healthy and creative existence, which they call “Creating the Modern Utopia”, by performing daily rituals that nourish your mind and body. Their products include oil burners, candles, essential oils, incense burners and bath products.

Synergy Oil Diffuser – Travertine

All is as calm and bright as a silent night with Addition Studio’s oil diffuser. The team has worked closely together to create a design and choice of stone that is emblematic of the brand’s philosophy of fostering calm, relaxing and restorative spaces. Designed with a minimal aesthetic, the Travertine Synergy Oil Diffuser unit features a copper dish and tea light holder. The oil diffuser is carved from a solid piece of stone that gives weight and warmth to its design. The diffuser comes with an essential oil and an Australian beeswax candle. Each piece is unique.

Essential Oil Collection

Smell is the only sense linked directly to the brain’s emotional cortex, which is why scents tend to evoke such strong memories and emotions. It is this idea that permeates much of the Addition Studio designers’ work. They make the treatments and organic therapies, as well as the apparatus that allow us to create a luxurious retreat in our very own home. They have a variety of all-organic essential oil blends to suit every emotional need, indicated by the basic symbols that have been used to describe the scent’s effect on the user’s emotional wellbeing. Upper includes Cedarwood, Eucalyptus, Peppermint and Lemon; Downer is Orange Sweet, Patchouli, Cedarwood Atlas, Juniper Berry, Lavender from Bulgaria and Cinnamon Bark; and Centre has lavender oil; Australian Nativehas Lemon Myrtle, Eucalyptus Blue Gum and White Cypress.

Bath Brew Collection

Brewing a cup of tea might warm your stomach, but brewing a hot bath can warm your soul, in addition to other skin benefits. Bath Brew is a giant tea bag for the bath, to be used as a remedial and relaxing soak. Using local and organic produce contributes to a better world, so local and organic ingredients have been sourced wherever possible, while a relaxed, healthy mind contributes to a positive collective psyche. Steep in this tonic and enjoy the benefits. Bath Brew Blends include Green Tea, with detoxifying tea tree; Milk, with nourishing goats milk, raw organic cacao butter and lavender botanicals; Deep Sea, with Dead Sea salts, organic ground seaweed, Epsom salts and certified organic essential oils; Riverstone with Australian olive clay, Zeolite clay, Australian tea tree oil, Epsom salts and certified organic essential oils; Australian Native, with native ground wattle seed; and Pink Ochre, with blue cypress and macadamia oil.

Incense Burner Set

Incense has an important role in religious rituals and ceremonies, and the scent can uplift the spirit, heighten the senses and bring peace and harmony to the mind. To compose a relaxing ambiance at home, Addition Studio has created an all-in-one compact Incense Burner set, which includes a solid brass holder, a spun brass lid and incense. The brass lid flips over to become the ash catcher, forming part of the unit.

Incense Pack Eucalyptus & Acacia

Capturing the essence of the Australian outback, their Native Series use local flora as the key ingredients in a range of therapeutic, relaxation and beauty products that are based on simple daily rituals. The Incense Pack delivers a purifying scent that captures the woody, earthy tones of the Australian bush. Australian Indigenous cultures have been burning these scents in ceremonies and daily life for millennia as a way of cleansing and purifying.


Nothing turns brushing your teeth into a ritual like Selahatin. The contemporary Swedish oral care brand, developed in collaboration with Switzerland’s leading oral care company, aspires to elevate the experience of an essential everyday routine. Named after founder Kristoffer Vural’s grandfather, Selahatin draws inspiration from a part-Nordic, part-Oriental heritage. By fusing classic spices with refreshing aromas, Selahatin represents a mix of eastern and western influences.

Whitening Toothpaste Collection

All Selahatin’s formulas contain whitening agents that keep your teeth white and bright. The collection comes in three different reinvigorating flavours: Amorist is green mint, peppermint and menthol; Escapist is cinnamon, orange and peppermint; and Hypnotist is anise, honey and peppermint. They all come in custom-made minimalist aluminium tubes and contain four whitening agents with betaine and edelweiss extracts. A unique fusion of aromas and clinical performance in one, vegan and vetted by the Swedish Dental Association and made in Switzerland.


Way of Will

One hundred per cent natural, with zero tolerance for artificial ingredients, Canadian brand Way of Will is a natural essential oil body care system for active lifestyles. Will’s formulas are pure and practical, use only essential and botanical carrier oils, and are all professionally designed using modern aromatherapy techniques to elevate your training experience in and out of the gym. These blends of essential oils protect, energise, refresh, relax, moisturise and groom the body and mind.

Soul Soak Bath Set

What could be more relaxing than a hot bath when it’s cold and windy outside? Dim the lights, light a candle, play your favourite Christmas tracks and indulge in a relaxing bath using the Soul Soak Bath set, a 100 per cent natural bath salt kit with harvested Epsom salts and an activating blend of Will pure-grade essential oils. Epsom salts, used for hundreds of years to ease all kinds of aches and pains, have a chemical structure found only in natural springs that helps to relax muscles and loosen stiff joints. Use the Soul Soak Bath Set at home in a fresh warm bath for a recharging experience.

Unwind Essential Oil Gift Set

The remedy for Christmas-hustle induced exhaustion comes in a small box. For aromatherapy beginners and enthusiasts alike, the Unwind Essential Oil Gift Set contains four 100 per cent natural pure-grade essential oils with DIY recipes for effective aromatherapy blends. Heal and relieve physical pain with the Headache and Neck Tension Relief Blend or find comfort and balance with the Emotional Rescue Blend. Use each oil independently to benefit from their unique properties.

Essential Oil Remedies Collection

Suffering from headaches, insomnia or anxiety? Let Way of Will’s essential oil remedies come to the rescue. The brand has formulated three aromatherapeutic oil blends for healthy living: Think StraightSleep Tight and Calm Down. Each is blended from 100 per cent natural essential oils like rosemary, rose absolute and sweet marjoram. The magic potion comes in an on-the-go bottle and helps to relieve physical symptoms, while the instantly uplifting aromatherapeutic aroma soothes tired senses.



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