CLASSIC daily hair care collection

One-of-a-kind daily hair products, suitable for all hair types, for strong, silky hair and a healthy scalp.

Main ingredients and benefits:

· Formulated with two natural ingredients from the Amazon Rainforest: Rahua oil, from Ungurahua tree nuts, nurtures and strengthens hair and keeps the scalp healthy, reenergising our damaged hair; while Palo Santo oil graces Rahua® products with its signature woody aroma, offering the ultimately relaxing aromatherapeutic experience.

· Rich in active antioxidants, including the “super grain” quinoa, organic aloe, organic green tea and organic raspberry leaf, to protect and promote hair growth.

VOLUMINOUS daily hair care collection

Deep cleansing, clarifying shampoo for additional strength and bounce.

Main ingredients and benefits:

· Rich in antioxidants including green tea and organic rosemary, while lemongrass extracts remove product build-up and reduce oil production to extend time between shampoos – without drying hair or scalp.

Rahua oil, rich in omega-9, fortifies hair from within to help prevent breakage. Lavender and eucalyptus extracts offer a calm, uplifting aromatherapy experience.

COLOR FULL™ daily hair care collection

Protect hair colour for extensive colour preservation. Mineral pigments guarantee impeccable results.

Main ingredients and benefits:

· Rahua-ungurahua oil is filled with super-fine, positively charged omega-9 molecules that push pigmentation deeper into the hair strands for greater colour endurance. The natural lipids Morete oil, which can only be found exclusively in the rainforest, cover the hair’s cuticle, creating an antioxidant-rich anti-fade barrier. It also contains beta-carotene molecules for added vibrancy. Both of these oils are sourced from Amazon ingredients manufactured in traditional ways and in a sustainable fashion.

· Amazonian lilac clay restores pigments deep in the hair shaft for extensive colour preservation and healthier hair.

· Other plant-derived ingredients, like cranberry seed oil, flaxseed oil and safflower seed oil, are packed with fatty acids and vitamin E to deeply hydrate while boosting shine and encouraging stronger hair.

HYDRATION daily hair care collection

Highly replenishing conditioner transforms dull, dry and damaged hair.

Main ingredients and benefits:

· Rahua-ungurahua oil is packed vitamins and omega-9, taming frizz and strengthening and nourishing hair, while sacha inchi, which is exceptionally rich in omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants, works to lock in the hair’s moisture and condition and soothe the scalp.

· Various vitamins and natural protein-bonding sugars drive hydration deep into each strand of hair. The innovative formula keeps the scalp nourished and balanced, leaving hair stronger, healthier, smoother and shinier.

HAIR and SCALP treatment collection

A wide range of treatments for different needs, crafted with powerful rainforest botanicals, to restore the scalp and give hair elasticity and strength.

Rahua Elixir | 30ml

Crafted with 100% pure handmade Rahua oil, the ingredients of this luxurious hair and scalp treatment are sustainably harvested in the Amazon rainforest. Rahua oil instantly revitalises and strengthens damaged strands with an infusion of active antioxidants, leaving hair supremely radiant. Palo Santo oil heals and hydrates hair, and leaves a trace of fresh, woody aroma. The treatment also promotes blood circulation and stimulates hair growth.

Omega-9 Hair Mask | 200ml

Crafted from plant-based ingredients, this intensive, professional-strength conditioning hair mask allows you to enjoy in-salon treatment results without leaving the door. It contains Rahua oil, sunflower seed oil and quinoa, which deeply penetrate the hair shaft and fortify it from within, leaving hair strong, soft and naturally shiny. Scented with relaxing lavender and uplifting eucalyptus, it calms the mind and soothes the senses.

Elixir Daily Hair Drops | 15ml

A combination of sweet gardenia flower and 100% handmade and sustainable Rahua oil. A centuries-old enfleurage process was used to extract the fragrance’s pure essence. Suitable for daily use to repair, strengthen and restore damaged hair, delivering long-lasting moisture and high shine.

Rahua Detox & Renewal Kit

This singular natural hair treatment restores and detoxifies hair. Botanical ingredients loosen and remove hair-product build up and environmental debris, revitalising dull and weighted-down hair, giving both hair and scalp a fresh start. An original formula with 100% natural, organic ingredients, vegan and gluten free.

STYLING collection

Popular among professional hairdressers, Rahua’s styling products are all plant based with ingredients from the Amazon rainforest, sustainable and silicone free to help you get exactly the look you want.

Defining Hair Spray | 157ml

Sugarcane extract powers this singular hair spray, which offers definition and a medium, malleable, yet long-lasting hold without stickiness. The hydrating, environmentally friendly non-aerosol formula leaves hair nourished, easy to brush and frizz free.

Voluminous Hair Spray | 178ml

This versatile, 100% plant-based volumising spray revitalises the scalp and provides tousled texture and soft hold at the same time. The first organic styling product certified by the USDA.

Enchanted Island Salt Spray | 124ml

Pink sea salt-based styling spray gives light, brushable hold beachy waves. The lush, tropical fragrance is a combination of guayaba, hibiscus and passionfruit.

Leave-in Treatment | 60ml

Repairing and protecting hair from damage while imparting gorgeous shine and lightness, this treatment is silicon free and can be applied to dry hair. It acts as a heat protectant, guarding hair from the stress of blow-drying and styling tools. Rahua oil deeply penetrates the hair shaft to repair damaged hair, while omega-9 protects hair from breakage.

Cream Wax | 86ml

Made of sustainably extracted carnauba from the Amazon rainforest, the cream wax offers pliable hold, low-key gloss and bounce. Non-greasy formula tames frizz and adds texture and definition to short hair.

Control Cream Curl Styler | 105ml

Plant-based ingredients nourish strands, prevent frizz and leave curls soft and touchable. The innovative formula crafted with shea butter and molasses delivers the perfect curl: with a soft shine, effortless bounce and natural movement.

Freestyle Texturizer | 105ml

Flexible Freestyle Texturizer is the go-to product for creating loose, tousled styles with body and hold. Made with plant-derived ingredients, such as carnauba, tapioca starch and organic green tea, the texturizer creates loose, sexy, tousled looks.


The body care collection rejuvenates our skin with natural ingredients. Wreathed in relaxing botanic aroma, Rahua brings the rainforest ambience to your own shower.

Shower Gel | 275ml

This best-selling shower gel comes with a new look, showcasing Rahua’s signature translucent bottle. It gently cleanses, nourishes and hydrates with omega-9, omega-3 and palo santo oils for healthy, luminous skin. Together with the essences of lavender, eucalyptus, vanilla and palo santo, the shower gel washes the day off of your skin and your mind.



Sleeping: the activity we spend a huge part of our lives doing. To break it down, for those of us who live to see their 79th birthday, 26 of those 79 years were spent sleeping.

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Bending. Distorting. This is what Y/PROJECT’s Glenn Martens does when it comes to offering his vision of fashion and art. The Y/PROJECT FEMME SS20 show is a pure manifesto of what the brand stands for: versatility as a means of individual expression.

20 APR 2020 | FASHION


Specials creative prizes, created by the City of Paris with three category : Fashion, Design and Applied Arts. These prizes distinguish three emerging designers and three experienced designers.

7 FEB 2020 | GALLERY