Effortless, barely-there makeup is a trend that’s here to stay, and Perricone MD’s reformulated ‘No Makeup’ makeup collection delivers the definitive low-key look. Featuring improved formulations and enhanced technology, this skincare-infused range fuses seamlessly with the skin for natural summer beauty. Powerful skincare ingredients are found in each product, such as neuropeptides that unite surface cells to fight wrinkles, antioxidant-rich vitamin C ester, skin-lifting DMAE, and the powerful antioxidant alpha lipoic acid. Achieve a dewy complexion, flushed cheeks, and bright eyes while protecting and replenishing your skin.

No Makeup Blush | 10ml

This gel-cream blush tints cheeks with a natural flush of colour as it visibly evens and brightens skin tone over time. Supercharged with vitamin C ester – a more potent, highly stable and less abrasive form of antioxidant-rich vitamin C, and skin-brightening Chinese ginger plant extract, the sheer, blendable formula ensures a seamless application and a naturally rosy glow.

Key benefits:

· Tints the cheeks with a youthful flush of colour.

· Offers a sheer, blendable formula that’s buildable.

· Visibly improves dullness and loss of firmness over time.

Tips: Shake well before use. Apply one to three dots onto the apples of the cheeks, and gently pat while blending in a lifting, upward motion towards the hairline.

No Makeup Concealer Broad Spectrum SPF 20 | 10ml

Available shades: Fair, Light

A lightweight, creamy concealer with the power of an eye treatment, this SPF 20 cover-up counteracts colour imperfections as it visibly smoothes, lifts and brightens skin over time. The hydrating formula features the powerfully lifting, antioxidant-rich Persian silk tree extract, and soy and rice peptides to defend against free radicals and fight dark circles and puffiness.

Key benefits:

· Provides a natural finish with medium to buildable coverage.

· Instantly counteracts and conceals imperfections and dark spots.

· Visibly improves dark circles, loss of firmness, and lines and wrinkles over time.

Tips: Apply three dots to the lower eye contours, one dot to the inner corners, and one dot to the upper lids. Gently press and blend with your fingertips, beginning from the outer eye corners to the inner corners and up to the eyelid. Apply to any other imperfections and pat to blend.

No Makeup Foundation Broad Spectrum SPF 20 | 30ml

Available shades: Ivory, Porcelain

This sheer-coverage foundation creates a more uniform complexion without masking your natural skin, and visibly reduces dark spots and uneven skin tone over time. Offering a luminous, dewy finish, the nourishing formula is infused with neuropeptides – protein-like building blocks that fight wrinkles, sagging, dullness, and discolouration, and daisy flower extract that naturally evens out skin tone.

Key benefits:

· Provides a luminous, dewy finish with sheer coverage.

· Visibly improves the look of dark spots and uneven skin tone.

· Hydrates and nourishes the skin for a more supple appearance.

Tips: Apply evenly with your fingertips or a synthetic fiber brush, and blend using circular motions.

No Makeup Foundation Serum Broad Spectrum SPF 20 | 30ml

Available shades: Ivory, Porcelain

Delivering buildable coverage with a semi-matte finish, this skin-softening foundation serum smoothes wrinkles and reduces uneven skin tone over time. It contains powerful neuropeptides that unite surface cells to fight wrinkles, bisabolol to brighten and promote skin healing, and daisy flower extract to visibly reduce uneven skin tone by addressing the look of hyperpigmentation at its source.

Key benefits:

· Provides a semi-matte finish with buildable coverage.

· Smoothes the look of imperfections.

· Visibly improves the appearance of dark spots and uneven skin tone.

Tips: Apply evenly with your fingertips or a synthetic fiber brush and blend using circular motions. Reapply as necessary to build desired coverage.

No Makeup Highlighter | 10ml

A dewy, liquid-gel highlighter that delivers subtle luminosity for naturally glowing skin, this sheer, blendable formula also targets dullness and discolouration. Enriched with smoothing and brightening vitamin C ester for the appearance of collagen-rich skin, and Chinese ginger plant extract for visibly corrected dark spots, this glow-giving brightener offers powerful skin-improving benefits.

Key benefits:

· Provides a sheer, dewy finish for naturally radiant skin.

· Visibly improves dullness and discolouration over time.

· Can be mixed with any moisturiser or complexion product to add more luminosity.

Tips: Shake well before use. Apply one to two dots along the upper cheeks, and to the upper brow area or tip of the nose, and gently press into the skin to accentuate and create definition.

No Makeup Lipstick Broad Spectrum SPF 15 (Pink) | 4.2ml

This ground-breaking solid-to-serum lip treatment in a universally flattering shade adapts to individual skin chemistry for beautifully flushed lips. Neuropeptides visibly restore suppleness and fullness, hyaluronic acid offers all-day hydration, and mineral-based sunscreen provides advanced SPF protection. Every application delivers a nourishing, natural shine and a hint of youthful, rosy colour.

Key benefits:

· Mimics the lip vermillion to restore youthful colour and definition.

· The solid-to-serum formula conditions, hydrates and smoothes.

· Protects with mineral-based broad spectrum SPF 15.

Tips: Apply generously and evenly over the lip area.

No Makeup Mascara | 8ml

This dual-action lash treatment and mascara creates visibly lifted, thicker eyelashes as it nourishes, conditions and strengthens lashes over time. It’s fortified with biotin, a member of the vitamin B family that strengthens and conditions eyelashes by supporting the building blocks of healthy hair, nutrient-rich avocado oil for advanced strengthening, and antioxidant-powered tocotrienols that encourage lash growth.

Key benefits:

· A two-in-one lash-enhancing treatment and mascara.

· Creates the appearance of more lifted, longer and fuller eyelashes.

· Nourishes, conditions and strengthens lashes with each application.

Tips: Use the wide and flexible short bristles of the applicator brush at the lash root to build thickness and volume. Then, rotate the brush and sweep the fine, comb-like bristles through lashes to lengthen, separate and define. Allow to fully dry before re-applying to achieve your desired look.



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