What is nature if not a splendiferous kaleidoscope of colours? Every single day, sunset puts on one of the nature’s most dramatic colour shows, such as the one described by Jack Kerouac in On the Road. “Soon it got dusk, a grapy dusk, a purple dusk over tangerine groves and long melon fields; the sun the colour of pressed grapes, slashed with burgundy red, the fields the colour of love and Spanish mysteries.” A blaze of colours offers the world a radiant, luminous energy, evoking different emotions and memories for each of us.

It’s easy to forget the power of colours, however, as humans migrate from country to city and start wearing suits and ties. We may have evolved into a species of black, grey and white, but nature never stops offering us the healing power of colour therapy. Being in nature and basking under the blue sky, near turquoise water and shimmering green leaves, can alter our mood and health. Protecting nature is, therefore, safeguarding our right to colour. And for this mother and daughter duo, that meant transforming this power of nature into something we can carry around in a bottle.

A beauty venture by two philanthropists

Intisar Al-Sabah and Fatima Al-Sabah – Founders of Prismologie

Colour is part of our daily life, a universal language that speaks to us regardless of age, sex, nationality, religion or cultural background. It holds tremendous power, both physiologically and emotionally, and that is what inspired Intisar and Fatima Alsabah to create Prismologie.

“The brand is our first beauty venture,” says Fatima. “My mother and I share a passion for supporting the community in various ways to bring out the best in people. My mother is an author, entrepreneur and philanthropist; she established Lulua Publishing, the only publishing house in the Middle East that is dedicated to personal development, with the mission of helping transform readers’ lives and contribute to their personal growth. She also founded Alnowair, a Kuwait-based non-profit organisation that aims to spread a positive attitude and outlook on life.

“My mother is definitely my role model,” Fatima goes on to explain. “From her I picked up many wonderful traits; I think the biggest are perseverance and a genuine smile. She is also an incredibly strong woman. She has raised four independent and strong women, and I see in each one of my sisters many personality traits inherited from my mother. I think we all gain our strength from her.” Like mother, like daughter: Fatima has inherited her mother’s philanthropic DNA, but her focus is more environmental. She is dedicated to the protection of animals and their habitats, for which she created a non-profit association that aims to educate people about, support and protect Kuwait’s delicate natural heritage.

This dynamic mother and daughter duo want to spread the transformational powers of colours with the world. In 2013, they co-founded Prismologie, a beauty brand with a mission to inspire people to embrace the mood-enhancing power of colours to help manage their hectic lives. “We used to organise wellbeing and personal development workshops in Kuwait, and during one of those workshops we realised that colour therapy had the most significant impact on the attendees, and it was the easiest to understand and embrace. Thus we began to develop Prismologie, because we wanted to create an easy way of infusing colour therapy into your day to help you manage daily stresses and enhance your mood.”

Showing your true colour

“In a society where we don’t wear lots of colour, we would love to see more women embrace it as a daily means of self-expression,” Fatima continues. “With Prismologie, you can wear colour without wearing colour; whichever product you chose, you are expressing and enhancing yourself in a way that is absolutely personal and relevant to you.”

Each product from Prismologie is a bespoke blend of natural gemstone crystals: diamonds, citrines, rose quartz, jade, rubies and sapphires are crushed into the formulations for their wellbeing properties. Prismologie aims to inspire people to embrace the mood-enhancing powers of colours, through six distinctive hues chosen for their unique qualities: white for clarity, yellow for confidence, pink for comfort, green for serenity, red for vigour and indigo for stillness.

“I love many colours, and the colour I choose to embrace on a certain day depends on my mood, or how I want to feel. Colours are such a dynamic way to express ourselves and enhance the way we feel. However, my favourite colour ever since I was a child has been red. I’ve always loved that colour and actually every time I wear red I receive many compliments on how much it matches my skin tone or looks good on me. I really feel that the colour red represents me. It reminds me of the sun, burning bright and giving colour to every object on earth. I feel there’s a lot of fire and passion in me and maybe that’s why red really matches me.

“I also think nature is the most generous giver, with the colours it endows us, the knowledge it shows us, the many resources it lavishes on us. Prismologie originates from the natural healing power of coloured gemstones, so when we created the brand, we wanted to make sure that we were giving back to nature. We have instilled our personal values of sustainability in our brand. All of the Prismologie products are SLS and paraben free, every single element of the packaging is recyclable and only FSC cardboard and reusable glass is used, no exceptions. All of the products are also proudly made in the UK and are not tested on animals. A small way to show our gratefulness to our mother nature.”



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