9 月 20 日 2012

  • Although the 2012 Olympics have come to a close, British pride is still going strong. And although none of us will forget Kate, Naomi et al strutting down the union jack catwalk in gold dresses at the closing ceremony, the true origins of British fashion still remain at London’s Savile Row. The home of traditional men's bespoke tailoring, Savile Row is where designers like McQueen and McCartney honed their craft. It is also the focus of JOYCE’s latest project, as the retailer launches three sartorial brands from London to delight tailoring aficionados.

    Each brand offers different styles ranging from traditional to avant garde. Hayward, which was founded by Douglas Hayward four decades ago, creates impeccable suits for the likes of Michael Caine and Mick Jagger. Hardy Amies is another familiar name on Savile Row and is now under the watchful eye of Claire Malcolm. The brand’s recent debut at Paris Fashion week received rave reviews thanks to its luxe fabrics and designs. For non-conformists, look no further than fashion’s up-and-coming IT boy, Adrian Sauvage, founder and designer of A. Sauvage. His designs are created in response to his customers’ tastes and needs, and breathe new life into classic tailoring. All are now available at JOYCE Central.