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Points redemption program

​Redeem the points accumulated on your Joyce Card through our Points Redemption Programme. Points can be redeemed for credit money/gift voucher which can be used to purchase merchandise from our boutiques.

Unredeemed points remaining at the end of the 12-month points accumulation cycle will be forfeited. Points are reset to zero in the new card cycle.

Redemption Levels

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Terms and conditions

  • * Credit Money/ Gift Voucher redeemed at Joyce Beauty: Every $100 can be redeemed upon purchase of every HK$1,000)
  • Joyce Card applied in Hong Kong or China: HK$1 spent in Hong Kong = 1 point; RMB1 spent in China = 1 point
  • The Joyce Cardholder must personally present a valid Joyce Card upon redemption
  • In case of discrepancy, the amount shown in the Joyce computer system will be the valid total purchase for redemption
  • In the event of dispute arising from the Points Redemption Program, the decision from Joyce shall be deemed final

As a Joyce Cardholder,

you will enjoy a wealth of privileges when shopping at Joyce. In addition, you may take advantage of the exclusive benefits offered by Joyce card affiliated partners, at no extra charge or annual fees.