February 12 2013 - February 20 2013
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Village des Jeunes Créateurs de Lyon

ANDREA VAGGIONE | Contemporary jewelry

Winner of Talents de Mode 2012, Andrea Vaggione offers a silver jewelry collection named “A fleur de peau”. A delicate work inspired by botanic that connect around notions of constant transformation and perpetual movement.

MORGAN KIRCH | Women ready-to-wear

Winner of Talents de Mode 2011, Morgan Kirch, fashion designer of the self-titled brand presents through his collections a selection of revisited classics, combining rigor, elegance and purity of the lines. The monochrome of his models is created in natural fabrics: leather, silk or wool. The lines are constructed and mastered which give a unique and timeless universe.

BORIS FUCHY | Women ready-to-wear

Making the total look an indefectible rule, Boris Fuchy offers ready-to-wear models firmly black, in which he adds a touch of color. Boris Fuchy suggests numbered and timeless collections that can be worn in spring as in summer, playing fabrics effects, between fluidity and sobriety. Boris Fuchy welcomes his costumers in his intimate place looking like a loft, where drawings of the artist Lilianorak are covering the walls.


Rémi Bouhaniche found the label USIN-e and worked with the Granville Gallery, the Gallery and AD association of Designers. He created in 2009, the “Stretching lamp”, 1st piece of the D3 Contest at the IMM salon (Koln) and finalist of the light and building competition in Frankfurt. He obtained in 2011 the ADERA loan and collaborated with Lucie Bourreau, textile designer on embroidered objects made in India (exhibition “Crossroads” May 2012 Roger Tator Galery). In august 2011 he took the artistic direction of two Magppie shops in New Delhi and Mumbai. During this collaboration he developed new concepts of living space

WOODEN | Design

Tiphiane Vasse studied arts and design in Paris. She created “Black Cherry”, a design and communication company in april 2006 and worked in global communication projects and numerous support. She has developed since 2011 a lighting appliance and wood furniture brand, WOODEN, born of a desire to go back to an ethical and sustainable design thought every-day objects. She is also a photographer and co-founder of the art gallery Miror-Miror. She is working and living in Lyon


Graduated from the Ecole Supérieure d’Art et Design de Saint-Etienne, Anais Bretonnet has been in Lyon since 2009. Abstemiousness and originality are the creations master words of the designer who is mostly working on furnitures and lighting appliance. Influenced by the Japanese culture, she likes to overthrow the establish order by proposing objects combining elegance and brutal shapes that arouse surprise. Instead of considering the objects as having a limited function, Anaïs Bretonnet lingers on giving them senses.


Graduated from the Ecole Supérieure d’Art et Design de Saint-Etienne, Amaury founded in 2009 with Remi Bouhaniche the brand USIN-e that received the VIA label in 2011. In April 2011 he has joined the Fabrica’s team for one year, a center of research and communication of the Benetton group based in Italy. His work included collaborations with editors as Ligne Roset and Petite Friture, companies and art galleries such as The S. Bensimon gallery, Vivid Gallery and Granville Gallery. He is consulting professor at the Paul Bocuse Institute. In 2012, he received the price for his scenography “Dare!” with Lisa Lejeune for the Design Tour at the Village des Créateurs.

About the exhibition:

The Village des Créateurs suggests from 12th to 20th February, at Joyce Gallery, an original exhibit directing interactions between fashion and design. Crossed glance between fashion designers and designers, textile creation, artistic gesture, poetry and innovation. In a singular and surprising scenography, the public is invited to discover the piece of the fashion designers and designers put in wooden case and to stroll on a carpet made of creased paper. A senses call that will arouse the curiosity of visitors.