22 Apr 2014

  • Cynthia Sakai, the designer and founder behind Vita Fede brought her latest limited designs to Joyce Central and introduced them to the Hong Kong media and customers.

    Vita means “life” and it was the first Italian word that she learnt. Fede is “faith” and also her dearest dog’s name. Born in Los Angeles to Japanese parents, Sakai is inspired by the Italian luxe and her designs are all handmade in Italy hence she described her jewellery as “a fusion of Asian, American and European culture that represents an elevated aesthetic, a lifestyle and a point of view that are universal.”

    The Titan bangle, which features a cone detail with a hinge closure, has become the brand’s signature style, but it was not always popular. Sakai said:

    “When I first started the brand four years ago, my design wasn’t quite accepted because at the time it was all about vintage and bohemian. Thank god fashion turns around, now people want minimal and cool design again, otherwise I’d still be very broke!”

    For the Joyce special collection, Sakai redesigned the Titan bangle by replacing the original 24K gold, brass and Swarovski crystals with onyx, silver and white onyx. The contrasting effect is sharp, minimal and very chic. “When I was designing this collection, I had the Joyce customers in mind who are edgy but refined. It’s all about mixing my jewellery with fine jewellery. “

    Vita Fede special collection is now available exclusively at Joyce Central.