Victoria Beckham Back In Beijing

17 Mar 2015

  • The style queen has returned to Joyce Beijing, to showcase her autumn winter 2015 collection.

    “I began with the dress and looked at evolving and translating it. It was from here that the collection and its narrative developed, and it has been liberating and surprising for me in terms of the creative process.”

    The demure, tailored dress has become Victoria Beckham’s signature polished look. This season, she deconstructed and reworked the wardrobe staple by incorporating flounces, twisted seams and asymmetric silhouettes. Her menswear tailoring has evolved to be re-interpreted to enhance the female form with a graceful movement.

    The working mother of four - to show her appreciation to the Joyce Beijing customers - made the effort to do a dedicated personalized trip to Beijing. The Victoria Beckham autumn winter 2015 collection was flown to Beijing, straight off the catwalk from New York fashion week with Beckham presenting the collection to her Beijing acolytes in person. Her fans were thrilled to reunite with the designer and thoroughly enjoyed the pre-order session together.