04 Feb 2014

  • Chloe Ho belongs to a new generation of talented artists in the 1980's. The Hong Kong based artist invites the viewer to consider how artistic vision and expression is multidimensional- shifting in form, medium and sensibility. There is a clear connection and a continuum of creativity as the artist's work conceptually shifts from left to right, from East to West, from one side of the brain to the other. From oil on canvas and acrylic on paper to mixed ink media and traditional Chinese Ink, she incorporates the same universal themes of luck, fame, life and nature. These are experiences immediately understandable, planted firmly in all our psyches - and we are returned to contemplate " Two Sides of the Brain"

    Ho grew up in California and finished her studies at Mills College where she studied under Liu Hung (Chinese- American contemporary artist and Moira Roth (American art historian and critic.) The artist reflects her multicultural background and signature artistic vision in her paintings. Ho has been featured in group shows in the San Francisco Bay Area and at a successful solo exhibition at Alisan Fine Arts in Hong Kong. Her works are held by private collectors in London, Paris, Singapore, Hong Kong, Washington DC, San Francisco, and Florida.

    “Two Sides of the Brain The Art of Chloe Ho” is now exhibited at Joyce Shanghai Gallery until 4th March, 2014.