• Jewellery is traditionally regarded as delicate and precious, and synonymous with royalty, status and wealth. Then avant garde designer Tom Binns stepped in and turned the jewellery world upside down.

    His unprecious attitude towards precious stones can be seen in his unusual mix of industrial chains and glass beads to create unique and extraordinary designs. His unconventional approach has gained him a cult following among celebrities and style icons including Diane Kruger. He was further catapulted into the spotlight when First Lady Michelle Obama was spotted wearing one of his designs at the White House Gala.

    Binns is highly influenced by the Dada movement, which explains his poetic yet anarchic approach to jewellery design. This can be seen in his signature safety pin pearl necklaces and bejewelled Massai necklaces.

    JOYCE has collaborated with Tom Binns to produce a series of his iconic styles in a range of neon colours, exclusive to The diamante Massai necklace is splattered in neon paint, while black strands and chains of necklaces and chandelier earrings are decorated with safety pins hand-dipped in neon paint. Each piece is elegant and rebellious at the same time, while embodying strong cultural references.

    About Tom Binns
    Born in Belfast, Ireland, Tom Binns graduated from Middlesex Polytechnic in 1981 with a BA in jewellery design. Influenced by the Dada movement, he followed his own rebellious path to make his own mark in the world of jewellery design. His poetic sense, combined with a punk twist and tongue-in-cheek sense of humour best sums up his aesthetic and the spirit in each of his collections. “You are not dealing with reason, you are dealing with attitude,” he says of his feminine, anti-conformist and elegant designs.