• JOYCE is pleased to announce the opening of the Neil Barrett stand–alone shop in The Landmark, Central. managed to catch the designer via email while he was enjoying the sun in Greece. Here, he shares his thoughts on life, technology and fashion.

    What keeps you going in the fashion world? “The endless desire to satisfy my eyes in the mirror”

    J: What keeps you going in the fashion world?
    N: The endless desire to satisfy my eyes in the mirror.

    J: Style or beauty, which matters more?
    N: Style.

    J: What was the last extravagance that you splashed out on?
    N: Renting a yacht to cruise around the Greek islands this summer.

    J: What creates a bigger drive? Reward or Possibility?
    N: Possibility.

    J: What do you think of fashion week?
    N: Fashion week is an intensive, creative window to show an edited selection of work to journalists, buyers and the world through the internet

    J: If you cannot be a fashion designer anymore, what would you do?
    N: An architect or artist.

    J: Name 5 things that you cannot live without.
    N: My partner, friends, seeing blue sky from my window, postive energy and my i-Pad

    J: City or country life?
    N: City life.

    J: Blackberry or iphone?
    N: Blackberry.

    J: What was your last destination and what is your next? And for what kind of purpose?
    N: Patmos island, Greece was the last destination, the next will be Milos island, Greece…. Both for holidays.

    J: What constitutes contentedness ?
    N: Being satisfied that you have tried your best and that it is appreciated by others.

    J: What’s worse, bland& boring or OTT wacky?
    N: Bland and boring is worse.

    J: Which era would you choose to live in?
    N: The sixties.

    J: Knowledge or idea, which excites you more?
    N: Ideas.

    J: When was the last time you felt so proud of yourself?
    N: I am proud of my first advertising campaign, creating the concept that will be the basis of all future visual campaigns. A series of nude portraits for season zero, ripped and reconstructed to form a hybrid of two images as one. The same creative concept I use for when I am designing, mixing two different influences or actual garments together in one.

    J: What do you think of the digital fashion world?
    N: An endless world to understand and embrace.

    J: Where would you like to call home?
    N: By the sea, somewhere warm preferably!

    J: Who inspired you to be a fashion designer?
    N: My grandfather, a master tailor, and Rei Kawakubo the designer I most respect.

    J: What’s your advice to creative young people who aspire to work in the fashion industry?
    N: Be honest and original ,do not copy your favourite designers and pretend that it is your idea…… please push your own creative boundaries.