08 May 2014

  • To kick start the return of Art Basel this month, Joyce invites you to join us on an art world tour.

    Seven artists from around the world were chosen for their particular individuality, each of them will curate and showcase their works in one of the Joyce boutiques and galleries in Hong Kong, China and Paris.

    The magnificent 7 are:

    Baudouin Mouanda (Congo)
    Whose flamboyant photographs unveil the secret society of Congo Brazzaville’s people;

    Amir H. Fallah (Iran)
    Who takes portraits of people in their everyday life with mundane objects and transforms them into abstract oil paintings;

    Joseph Staples (Vancouver)
    Who juxtaposes images through collage and printmaking;

    Maike Freess (Germany)
    Who loves exploring the human body through drawing, sculpture and photography;

    Justin Cooper (Beijing)
    Who captures the beauty of nature and faces through dreamy images;

    Osang Gwon (South Korea)
    Who uses photographs to build sculptures and takes photographs of sculptures.

    Stacy Engman (New York)
    Who is an art curator, specializing in mixing haute couture and fine art;

    Selected and edited collections from this season will be on display in amongst the different installations of the artists’ work. Each boutique will transform into an art and fashion gallery, dedicated to a specific cultural reference. Come to visit us in different locations, and discover a whole new world of art and fashion.