• JOYCE is pleased to announce the launch of an exclusive autumn/winter collection, “JOYCE by Romeo Gigli”. We spoke with the legendary designer at his eclectic apartment in Milan about the new collection and the treasures that inspired it.

    As soon as you walk through the door of Romeo Gigli’s Milan apartment, you feel as though you’ve been transported to an Aladdin’s cave full of treasures collected from various continents.

    “When I travelled around the world, I collected everything including art, books, handcrafts, sculptures, fabrics,” says the hospitable Gigli, pointing out a stack of early 20th Century hand-drawn fashion magazines, as he settles comfortably into a Capellini S-Chair by Tom Dixon.

    "I want to underline your beauty. That is the story of the collection.”

    Gigli’s apartment is a testament to his eclectic life. Every object in the room, from the two-metre long mosaic table to the Murano glass tumbler sitting on top of it, are memorabilia from his journeys across the world. This same spirit is expressed in his fashion collections through rich textures, colours and shapes.

    Gigli rose to fame in the 1980s and 1990s with his romantic silhouettes, rich colour palette and eclectic cultural references. But before you think that “JOYCE by Romeo Gigli” is a revisit of his glorious past, think again.

    “Clothes are clothes, you need to wear them and they need to be contemporary,” says Gigli, who says he was also inspired by Oriental beauty for this new and very modern collection.

    “You (oriental women) have soft, beautiful features, petite frames and a gentle demeanour. I want to underline your beauty. That is the story of the collection.”

    The line is brought to life with a palette of sand, rust, purple, fire and teal, which collide together on lace, silks, mohair and wool. The result is a multitude of shades combined in one look.

    “I always use ‘in-between-colours’, they give light to the skin,” Gigli explains.

    Another important aspect of the collection is versatility. Each design gives the wearer the freedom to create different shapes. Gigli demonstrates this on a model who is wearing a purple cropped silk jacket which can be worn with an edgy asymmetric hem or buttoned up to create a more formal, noble look. The cocoon shape is another signature silhouette and is used for a black silk cocoon jacket with floral appliqué lapel.

    “The cocoon shape is inspired by a scene in my mind - a woman coming out of the bath, wrapped up in thick towels, looking so delicate and beautiful. The floral appliqué is a gift to my dear customers,” he says poetically.

    The collection doesn’t only pay homage to his female customers. The men’s wear collection is a reflection of his love of travel. A forest green cotton jacket is soft and tailored but slightly creased so one can wear it without pressing. Striped trousers, checked wool coats, mohair pullovers and colourful shirts with matching bow ties feature eclectic patterns, colours and textures allowing the wearer to mix and match freely and create different looks.

    After spending decades travelling and designing, what does Gigli think of the globalised modern world?

    “The world is becoming the same, you can find the same fashion everywhere,” he says.

    Perhaps this is why he has chosen to collaborate with JOYCE on this worldwide exclusive collection. What better way to reintroduce the legendary designer to the fashionistas of the future?

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