Surreal Beauty JUNE 27 2013 – SEPT 03 2013

03 Jul 2014

  • Joyce Gallery is pleased to present Dorion Scott’s surreal paintings.
    Dorion Scott is a realist attuned to the subject of intuition. Her art works draw upon an assemblage of fragmented memories, symbolic archetypes, wild creatures and common objects, all equally representational and ethereal to create an immediate understanding in the viewer.

    Each idea is developed using real props in a traditional still life studio set up. Scott studies every detail to bring a life like quality to each object. She concentrates solely on the architecture of symbols, distilling their essence to remove and isolate them from their normal context. This process creates a true representation of the intangible qualities which existed within the initial vision.

    Each painting refers not just to the generic objects presented, but alternates between the imaginary and symbolic, and embraces both the visible and the invisible worlds of perception and realism.

    The Dorion Scott exhibition is on at Joyce Gallery Central until 3th September 2013.