22 May 2012

  • As a successful stylist-turned-designer who débuted his first collection in Paris when he was just 25, it’s safe to say Jordanian-born Rad Hourani has a bright future ahead of him. Having worked as a stylist since the age of 19, with access to the world’s most sought-after collections, Hourani quickly learned what worked and what didn’t, and despite having had no formal training, decided to cross over from styling to design. His signature aesthetic is to make every piece unisex, with creations that are neither ‘men’s’ nor ‘women’s, but simply structured, sleek and exquisite. His ready-to-wear collection “RAD by Rad Hourani” currently shows in New York, whilst his couture collection “Rad Hourani” is showcased in Paris.

    Hourani explains how both cities influence his work in different ways. “In New York, my ready-to-wear line fits perfectly with the fast paced energy of the city, whereas in Paris, people tend to take their time about things, so my couture collection is well suited there. Paris is where I take my time to breathe whilst New York is the place which inspires me.”

    He has now collaborated with JOYCE for an exclusive online collection, based on his signature style. “Unisex is one of the more prominent characteristics that is evident in all of my work. Another is versatility - you can style my clothes in any way you like. It’s important that every garment that is versatile and casual but at the same time light and chic.”

    The JOYCE collection differs slightly from his previous work, but Hourani was very passionate that everything should stay in keeping with his signature motifs. “You could say this collection is JOYCE-inspired in a way. We had a meeting about what colours would be a better fit for the JOYCE clientele, but at the same time, I would only use colours that fit into my own palette. I won’t design just to do a collection - it has to be personal and it has to reflect my world.”

    A long-time admirer of JOYCE, Hourani didn’t hesitate to accept their offer. “I was very honoured to have a company like JOYCE to approach me to do this project. They’ve been one of our most faithful clients since the beginning. I love their way of doing things, so it was an instant ‘yes’ - I didn’t have to think about it. “