22 May 2012

  • Paris-based designer Quentin Verón has designed an exclusive online collection for JOYCE, in their bid to promote international designers within Hong Kong. JOYCE paid him a visit to talk about the collection.

    Nestled in the heart of Paris’ furrier district, Quentin’s workshop is covered in fur. Hanging from rails, draped over chairs and stored on shelving the otherwise minimalist studio is a fur-lovers dream. But more importantly than that, Quentin has earned his success through an entirely fresh approach to one of the most traditional materials of the fashion world. He approaches his designs using classic furrier techniques (honed as an unpaid apprentice) but with an entirely fashion-forward eye. “I never felt like just being in a studio making drawings, “ he confides. “I wanted to be in the workshop touching the material and making it”.

    When asked how it felt to be approached by JOYCE, Quentin smiles and simply says, “For me, it was a really great pleasure because I love working with JOYCE. We had a really big discussion together about what kind of styles they wanted, what kind of pieces they wanted. And it was exactly what I love. We had the same style and inspiration. What I loved about this collection was that there was a real communication between each other.” And how does he feel about the store itself? “I love it,” he returns immediately with a shy laugh. “ I saw some pictures and it was really beautiful.”

    Quentin walks us to his workspace and pulls out an exquisitely constructed cape, that will form part of his special collection for JOYCE. “It’s kind of classic,” he says running his eyes over the garment. “I designed it in black and white and JOYCE suggested I put purple in it and to add some spikes … and it ended up very well. I like it.” “Purple fur. Very Rock and Roll.”

    “As always,” Quentin quips, with a twinkle as he continues to pull pieces from the collection. A versatile fur shoulder adornment is followed by an over-sized coat cinched with a leather belt and an extremely chic black and white vest created from goat, fox and beaver.

    As he looks over the pieces, he finishes. “What I love with fur is it can be really luxurious and glamorous and then can look really rock and roll … it is always a pleasure.”