Nouveau Chic Part 1—Nina Ricci

14 Sep 2015

  • We are all obsessed with the insouciant yet chic aura of a Parisienne. But what exactly is it that’s so mesmerising? JOYCE spoke with the creative directors of three of the most iconic Parisian maisons. These three each have their own interpretation of what the magic word “chic” actually conjures up.

    First off, let’s stop by the sophisticated Nina Ricci headquarters on Avenue Montaign, the crème de la crème of Parisian Luxury.

    Guillaume Henry, the bright young star who revived Carven - the once haute couture house which had fallen on neglected times – into a sought-after contemporary label, joined Nina Ricci as creative director. When asked about “What is Parisian chic?” He simply answered with all honesty. “I ask myself that question too!”

    In this exclusive video, he explains why he’s intrigued by the German but very Parisian icon Romy Schneider, and the modern attitude of Parisian chic.

    “It’s in the attitude and comfort. For example I designed a sequin T-shirt dress that is comfortable to wear yet very glamorous and luxurious which transits well from day to night. I’d pair a structured, oversized, almost borrow from a boyfriend/ husband’s coat and pair if with a slinky, feminine dress. Women should feel secure, comfortable and feminine.”

    Video by the Stimuleye

    Designer portrait and studio photos by Filep Motwary

    Interview by Lucienne Leung-Davies