Nobuhiro Nakanishi’s Layered Landscape at Joyce Gallery, Beijing

13 Aug 2013

  • Japanese artist Nobuhiro Nakanishi's Layered Landscape series continue to explore time, space, and memory by exhibiting the gradation of objects and environment as layered installations.
    “Among the things I've taken notice of are the relationships between the parts and the whole, negative and positive aspects, the accumulation of time and memory, the tactility of vision, and physical transposition. Art is a process of contemplating and recognizing things and a way of perceiving the world.” Nobuhiro Nakanishi.

    Nakanishi is originally from Fukuoka, a graduate of Kyoto City University of Art with a Master’s Degree of Fine Art Sculpture and is now based in Osaka. He believes the human body, which has the capacity to make contact with anything through the experience of visual and tactile sensation, absorbs details while also being aware of the whole and recognizes the existence of things in relation to the surrounding space. Constantly sensing things that remain out of sight by shifting one's gaze, we are repeatedly performing the act of filling in the gap between visible and invisible. More than simply looking at something, this act makes us use the memory, and the sense of touch as one attempts to perceive a space with their entire body.
    The Nobuhiro Nakanishi exhibition is on at Joyce Gallery Beijing until 27th September 2013.

    JOYCE GALLERY BEIJINGShop 3L103-4, China World Mall, No.1 Jian Guo Men Wai Avenue, Beijing