Neil Barrett for JOYCE

07 Aug 2015

  • Neil Barrett for JOYCE’s collection offers a wide range of selection on essential wardrobe, including shirt, blazer and shorts, as well as a special designed star print on t-shirt and sweater.

    The Neil Barrett thunderbolt makes a bold statement – either engineered into signature sweatshirts or printed all-over jackets and shirts.

    The collection delivers the post-minimal aesthetic that Neil Barrett is renowned for, tapping into the current Autumn/Winter 2015 collection and combining the signature Neil Barrett thunderbolt in a refined mix of modern shapes and cutting-edge graphics.

    “Conceiving a collection for JOYCE clients is always exciting. For many years JOYCE has been at the forefront of the fashion-conversation and has catered for a well-informed, tasteful fashion consumer.” – Neil Barrett

    The collection is exclusively available at Neil Barrett Landmark.