Nouveau Chic Part 2 — Sonia Rykiel

23 Sep 2015

  • For the second instalment of JOYCE’s “French trilogy”, Julie de Libran, the ultra chic creative director of the iconic Parisian label Sonia Rykiel, deciphered the “left bank” version of the French allure.

    She spent her childhood in America, then continued her studies and honed her design skills in Italy before returning home to Paris. The wordly de Libran embodies the innate sense of elegance that enchants women around the world.

    “My relationship with Sonia Rykiel began in my mother’s wardrobe. The smell and colour of her mohair sweaters and the ‘jupe-culottes’ (skorts). They allowed women to be active and elegant every day.”

    However, Rykiel’s magic was not only limited to the must-have knits. The left bank aesthetics are about mixing the high with the low. It has been home to artists, bohemians, musicians and rebels since the 60s. Think Pablo Picasso, Edith Piaf, Francois Hardy and Vanessa Paradis. For the FW15 collection, de Libran took a nod to the 70s by respecting and reincarnating the code of the house. The iconic striped knitwear is paired with tailored tweed jackets, shearling statement coats, corduroy flares and jumpsuits. It’s a triumph of instincts over intellects, which correlates to her definition of the Parisienne charm.

    “We like things to be a bit off, not too neat, not untouchable, because we like to be touched!”

    A sense of humour with a touch of seduction - all to achieve “le chic de la rive gauche”.

    Video by the Stimuleye

    Interview by Lucienne Leung-Davies