JOYCE pays tribute to 80s icon Nemeth

23 Oct 2015

A rare collection of 80s artist and fashion designer Christopher Nemeth (1959-2010) is now available at the JOYCE Central store. Like much of his art and furniture design, the range features the designer’s signature prints depicting fabric weaves, sewing needles and pattern cutting. The deconstructed aesthetic remains consistent with Nemeth’s early work as an art student creating clothes from discarded post bags and canvas from his paintings. He deliberately chose to emphasise the process of creation over the final product, highlighting the joy of making, shaping and stitching each piece.

“I am inspired by the materials that are used and the work that must be done to make my clothes so that they are a portrait of themselves”

Christopher Nemeth in a handwritten interview for The Selby 2009

With his progressive designs, Nemeth was able to achieve the difficult feat of bridging the gap between art and fashion – transcending seasons, trends and continuing to challenge our perception of clothing even today.

About Nemeth

Christopher Louis Nemeth (1959¬2010) was a fashion designer and artist. He considered making clothes as one of his artistic practices. Born in Birmingham, England, he moved to London in 1979 to study painting at Camberwell College of Arts. While he continued to paint after university, he also taught himself pattern cutting and sewing, making his own clothes, which he then started to sell at Kensington Market, London. Later his work was discovered by photographer Mark Lebon and Nemeth’s work began to appear in i¬D, Face, Tatler and more. Nemeth was also a part of a collective and a shop The House of Beauty and Culture.

In 1986, Nemeth moved his base to Tokyo, selling his work through a select shop Sector. In the following years he opened branches in Osaka, Nagoya, and Fukuoka establishing his work as a cult favourite. The Christopher Nemeth store continues to be a permanent showcase and landmark of his work, where everything from the paintings to the wallpaper and furniture he constructed himself.

Nemeth’s legacy of work is celebrated throughout the industry with Kim Jones paying homage in his Men’s FW15 Collection for Louis Vuitton. The artist-designer’s pieces were exhibited in ‘Club to Catwalk: London Fashion in the 1980s’ at The Victoria and Albert Museum, London in 2013.