JOYCE Gallery Introduces Kengo Kito

20 May 2013

  • Japanese artist Kengo Kito’s installation, “Untitled (hula-hoop)” at JOYCE Gallery Beijing.

    Kengo’s choice of material for his work is influenced by daily life in Japan. The hula-hoops, laces, chains, threads, mirrors and other ready-made articles he uses in his pieces are all common sights. He plays around with such ordinary objects and assembles them into two and three-dimensional creations, installations and videos. Since moving to Berlin in 2010 he has been choosing old furniture and tableware which contain historical meaning, as well as natural materials such as twigs and precious stones. He has in mind acentric images such as micro-organisms which infinitely reproduce through repeated cell division.

    According to Kengo, “Untitled (hula-hoop)” is influenced by Japanese artist Atsuko Tanaka (1932 -2005). He says: “Since my college years, her painting gave me some ways of thinking about art. Her mindset about ‘painting’, the materiality is three-dimensional like relief but on the other hand the surface of itself looks like thin skin. Is this painting or what? I’ve been sublimating the interpretation of her artwork into my artwork like my painting series ‘cosmic dust”’ The process of making the installation “Untitled (Hula-hoop)” originated with the system of my painting.”

    “Untitled (hula-hoop)” is exhibited in JOYCE Gallery Beijing until 6th June, 2013.


    Shop 3L103-4, China World Mall, No.1 Jian Guo Men Wai Avenue, Beijing