JOYCE Central Redesign

23 Jun 2016

Here’s a sneak preview of what’s to come…

The Hong Kong flagship store on Queen’s Road is undergoing a complete redesign and renovation led by influential Italian interior architect and designer Paola Navone.

Navone is known to many as The Enlightened Nomad. She is first and foremost a citizen of the world, with a natural inclination to cross boundaries, not limited to geographical ones. Driven by her extreme interest in the most widely differing cultures. A fervent believer in the importance of craft, she often combines modern design with traditional handicraft.

A leading light during the Avant Garde Design Movement in the 80s, she has moulded contemporary forms out of heritage design. Navone is a strong advocate in using colour and light to bring warmth and awaken the senses. Paola Navone is not one to define herself within a particular niche or style.