• JOYCE partners with iconic British magazine i-D on the Soul i-D exhibition in Beijing, which showcases the personal insights and wisdom of artists and designers including Raf Simons, Yohji Yamamoto, David Lachapelle, Bono and more.

    JOYCE President Andrew Keith reveals that he first discovered the edgy magazine as a teenager.

    “When I was at boarding school in Scotland, I remember everyone was all into rugby. One day, I found an old copy of i-D magazine underneath my bed and it changed my world! The art, music, fashion and culture… I still have the copy with me!” he says.

    Fast forward to JOYCE’s 40th anniversary dinner in Paris in 2010 when Andrew finally got the opportunity to meet the magazine’s co-founders Tricia and Terry Jones.

    “We talked about doing something together. Andrew came back and said he wanted to bring Soul i-D to China and I was so chuffed!” says Tricia.

    i-D magazine has been steering our tastes for over 30 years and has made its mark with numerous projects. Why choose Soul i-D for China?

    “My biggest wish for this whole project is to make us re-look our values and look at what is important in life. The book and exhibition is dedicated to our children and our grandchildren.” Tricia Jones

    “What is so amazing about this exhibition is that it touches everybody in a very individual way, which is why it’s so important to bring it to China. I believe we are at the new vanguard of a new generation, which is why it’s so exciting; it’s a new way of thinking,” says Andrew.

    The Soul i-D book and exhibition is the brainchild of Tricia Jones. The ground-breaking exhibition features photographs, essays, paintings and collages that are inspired by questions she posed to artists such as “What is beyond price?” and “What have you learned that you’d like to pass on?” Launched in 2008, the exhibition has been showcased worldwide at galleries including Galerie Azzedine Alaia in Paris and Christie’s in London and New York. In October it arrives at the Enjoy Museum, in Beijing’s 798 Art Zone. For the Beijing exhibition, JOYCE and i-D welcome two new talents: China’s most celebrated fashion photographer Chen Man and Hong Kong-based photographer Wing Shya.

    Although Tricia is a very influential figure in modern culture, she remains down-to-earth and humble.

    “I always say that Terry (her husband) is the real founder of i-D because I was only making pasta for everyone at work,” she jokes.

    Aside from her impressive CV, she is also a former teacher as well as a mother and grandmother. Perhaps it’s her multi-faceted role in life that gives her such a unique take on fashion and life.

    “I don’t want to hear children at five saying, ‘I want to be famous.’ I want to open people’s eyes. There’s always a wink on the i-D cover, although I can’t wink… we’re very much focused on the eyes, the identity,” she says.

    As a pioneer and tastemaker, JOYCE has also collaborated with many different artists and designers, making the Soul i-D exhibition the ideal partnership. What makes this project special is that it doesn’t solely focus on photos or essays, but also questions the values behind these artworks.

    “My biggest wish for this whole project is to make us re-look our values and look at what is important in life. The book and exhibition is dedicated to our children and our grandchildren,” says Tricia.

    Soul i-D was originally created as a 600 page book published by Taschen. Alongside the exhibition in Beijing, a new, limited edition version has been created for China and will be available exclusively at the JOYCE boutiques in Beijing. It features a foreword by Andrew Keith, President of JOYCE, new works by Chen Man and Wing Shya plus Chinese translations of select key passages.

    The exhibition is currently on display at Enjoy museum in Beijing’s 798 art zone from 26 October until 7 November.