Joyce and Marni Rose

15 Oct 2013

  • Joyce is pleased to announce the launch of Marni Rose, a bold yet subtle, independent and inventive individuality.

    Just like Consuelo Castiglioni, the designer, plays with classic elements, getting unexpected results through a keen edit of proportions, colors, prints and materials, so Marni, the fragrance, plays with classic elements in unexpected ways. The result is silent, unforgettable elegance.

    The core rose theme of Marni, Il Profumo, gains a voluptuous intensity in Marni Rose as the spicy facet of Bulgarian rose oil adds nuance to a succulent rose absolute. In an artisanal celebration of handicraft, the work of ethereal spices and esoteric woods embellishes and accents the fragrance. Cardamom and mint Nanah add saturation, raspberry a flash of pop, violet a girlish touch, bitter almond and cassis vibrancy. A woody base of patchouli and cedar frames this multifaceted symphony, while musk adds dimension and long-lasting texture on the skin.

    Marni Rose is an individual, uplifting sensorial experience. The final interpretation is left to the wearer, whose strength and independence shine through.

    MARNI Rose Eau de Parfum will be available at all Marni Shops now.