10 Aug 2012

  • JOYCE congratulates Chinese fashion designer Ban Xiao Xue for receiving the Woolmark prize for China. Together with fellow nominees including Sophie Theallet from the USA, Christian Wijnants from Belgium, Dion Lee from Australia and Pankaj and Nidhi from India, they form the five finalists for the International Woolmark Prize.

    The International Woolmark Prize (IWP) was established in the 1950s as a platform to celebrate emerging designers and launch their careers - Karl Lagerfeld and Yves Saint Laurent were previous winners. The prestigious fashion prize has been relaunched with the hopes of identifying the world’s foremost emerging designers, who are asked to use and interpret Merino wool within their collections.

    The initiative crosses borders and cultures by recognising outstanding talent from emerging and established fashion hotspots around the globe. This is very much in line with JOYCE’s vision as a pioneer in introducing promising talents to Hong Kong and China. As such JOYCE is committed to bringing the collection designed by the global winner to our shops in China next year.

    Moreover, we were honour to be part of the China regional competition which was presented with Vogue China and was invited together with Xiang Jing (artist), Uma Wang (fashion designer), Du Juan (model) and Angelica Cheung (Editorial Director of Vogue China) to form China’s panel of judges and nominated Ban Xiao Xue as the winner of China Woolmark Prize.

    For the competition, Ban created an innovative piece called “Growth”. He produced an entirely new fabric using merino wool and silk. This combination allows the fabric to drape easily on the body with minimal cutting, creating a soft, natural and poetic silhouette.

    Vogue China’s Angelica Cheung said of Ban’s work:

    “There were two candidates who were very close, but in the end Ban XiauXue won because of his innovative treatment of wool. These days not many designers take time to do this. A lot of people just focus on design not knowing much about the raw material and the possibilities and potential of the fibre.”

    Ban was overjoyed to receive the prize and recognition from his fellow peers.

    “I became a little nervous when I was awarded the Woolmark Prize, as it means that I will represent China in the global final which brings pressure but also great motivation. My winning design was inspired by my respect for nature. Nature provides all the beauty to us, and I’m just using my eyes to discover them and put them together. Winning the Regional Woolmark Prize makes me even more determined to work as a successful designer, and to create more exceptional designs as a return to the external support I have received from Woolmark, Vogue China and all those who have supported me in this process ”

    Ban Xiao Xue will join the IWP global finalists in February 2013 during London Fashion Week.