• It’s not often that you are granted a private audience with Rick Owens but JOYCE managed to get a sneek peak into the designer’s Paris atelier.

    Over the years Rick Owens has established his signature look, which consists of a monochromatic silhouette made from distressed leather and draped jersey, accented with dramatic touches such as oversize lapels or voluminous sleeves. The look is always cool and nonchalant although there is a hint of grandeur in his clothing, which has garnered him fans all over the world.

    It was a day before the designer’s spring/summer 2012 women’s wear fashion show and the studio was completely calm. There was no tension or drama, making it a stark contrast to the usual chaotic scenes you witness during Fashion Week. Owens was busy with model castings and fittings, but found some time to sit in front of the camera and chat to JOYCE about taking risks, his distinctive style and why he would rather design crystal toilets than ball gowns.

    Photos by Filep Motwary