12 May 2014

  • Joyce welcomes Art Basel Hong Kong 2014 with a series of events, which bring together a collection of artists from around the world.

    The first of the series is the “Human Form in Movement” exhibition. Joyce has chosen a group of six artists, hailing from six different cities, to curate a show featuring their work in six locations. Each of them depicts the human form, translated from his or her unique perspectives via diverse media. We caught up with Amir H. Fallah, one of the participating artists, whose collection of abstract portraits named “the collected” is now exhibited at Joyce Pacific Place, Hong Kong.

    Born in Iran, then raised and educated in the US, Amir visited Dubai and staged portraits of individuals by gathering various material belongings from within their homes as markers of their identity. Although they are technically portraits, the face of the subjects is always covered by a piece of their own clothing. Amir explained, “ when we meet someone we immediately categorise them as a woman, a man, young, old, pretty, ugly, brown, white etc. I wanted to describe and portray a person by using his or her belongings, to tell a personal story. It’s about the individual, the unique identity.”

    The belongings featured in the portraits tend to gravitate to the mundane, which is loaded with sentimental meaning – a worn afghan, an idiosyncratic plant, a figurine or a pair of worn running shoes. Amir recalled, “one of my clients had all these little pepper sprays at home because her grandmother was always worried about her safety, so she kept buying her pepper sprays. She kept them all even though they were all expired, because she thought her grandmother was so cute to do that, and so did I.”

    After carefully assembling the composition of the photograph through engaging with the subject, Amir photographed the setting and used the image as a starting point. The images were then transferred onto a canvas through a vivid colour palette. This transfer evolved through his personal experiments and stylized interpretation, with the hope of telling the patrons’ personal histories through his eyes.

    “The Collected” by Amir H. Fallah, one of the six of the “Human Form in Movement” is now exhibited at Joyce Pacific Place, Hong Kong.