Han Huo Huo Talks Fashion

Han Huo Huo, the Chinese fashion blogger who recently launched his new bookFire Bible 2014. We asked the style maven to share with Joyce.com his tips, favourites and inspirations.

  • Q1:What’s your most memorable fashion moment?
  • Last January, Chris Lee, Fei Fei Sun and I sneaked into the location shooting of Chanel’s The Little Black Jacket. Karl was the photographer and Carine Roitfeld was the stylist. The chance to see how this dream team worked was invaluable. They were shooting 21 personalities that day including Carla Bruni, Diane Kruger etc. We all arrived at Karls’ “library” studio, which is located on the left bank. We saw how they were preparing make up and hairstyle. When I opened the door, Diane Kruger, who was posing with a basket, greeted me! Karl even borrowed my own Chanel le Boy for Diane in that shot!

  • Q2:What are you most excited about lately?
  • Of course it’s the launch of my new bookFire Bible 2014. Tt’s finally released after six months of hard work.

  • Q3:What’s your latest fashion purchase?
  • A pare of Chanel sneakers, a Sacai Bomber Jacket, a pair of 3.1 Phillip Lim leather pants and Nike Air Jordan 1.

  • Q4:When you’re not working, what’s your favourite past time?
  • Enjoy some down time with my parents.

  • Q5:What is your latest inspiration?
  • Rihanna. She’s the inspiration ofFire Bible 2014.

  • Q6:How would you describe the AW14?
  • Rich colour, optic geometric, keep working out and stay comfy.

  • Q7:Who are your favourite up and coming Chinese designers at this moment?
  • Ricostru, Masha Ma, Ground Zero, SANKUANZ, Ms Min, XZhou… Too many! But I love them all!