24 May 2012

  • It’s mid May, summer has finally arrived and the city’s fashionable set are donning the latest spring/summer collections to attend numerous events including ART HK and Le French May. With this in mind, there was no better time to invite French vegetal designer and artist Jeremy Martin of Les Ephemeres to JOYCE to show our customers his unique and innovative craft.

    Martin is a professional florist who transforms lush vegetation and flowers into works of art. He has collaborated with fashion designers and magazines on unique and stunning pieces for fashion shows and editorial shoots: Thick ferns sprouting from hair, daisies covering a bushy beard and a summer floral necklace made from a massive wreath of roses and herbs are just a few examples of his work. As such Martin has been praised by publications like AIE magazine, which is dedicated to discovering new art talents, and his previous collaborators include fashion labels such as Ami and Songzio.

    Soon his creations will be growing on Hong Kong as Martin makes his first appearance in the city, before heading to Beijing and exhibiting his work at the JOYCE Gallery.

    Installation by Jeremy Martin is exhibited until 28th May at JOYCE Central.