Flying to Heaven

26 Mar 2015

  • Joyce is in awe of Heaven Tanudiredja’s latest jewellery collection, inspired by flying, dreaming and memory.

    The Antwerp-based Indonesian designer has received widespread acclaim for his complex, sculptural jewellery. Customers often collect his creations as art pieces, even if they never wear them. For his Spring/Summer 2015 collection, he has proved once again that the sky’s the limit in terms of creativity, quite literally.

    “I flew back to Jakarta to see my mum, which I hadn’t done for a while. And even after coming back to Antwerp, my mind couldn’t stop reminiscing about the trip. I then started getting obsessed with the idea of flying and therefore wings and airplanes became the motifs of this collection.”

    Intricately carved wings and jet engine mechanics are assembled into a complex framework of necklaces and cuffs. But Tanudiredja has more to say.

    “I want to express my feelings through flowers but I’ve never seen a flower motif in jewellery-making that I find ‘real’ enough. I did some research and found this factory, which I can’t disclose. It managed to create these 3D, hand-painted roses in plaster, literally petal by petal.”

    These almost lifelike rose buds are incorporated into the metal structure, adding a romantic dimension to the futuristic design. It is a very limited collection as each piece is dependent upon different workshops employing different skill-sets. Only then can the finished product come to fruition.

    “I wanted to make a very small but memorable collection this time to commemorate my wonderful trip back to my motherland.”

    As a memento of a journey and a tribute to flying and the art of travel, it is both an inspiring and impressive collection.

    Interview by Lucienne Leung-Davies
    Photos by Filep Motwary