07 Sep 2016

What goes on in the mind of a creative genius?

For their Fall Winter ’16 seasonal campaign, the JOYCE Atelier Project returns to the root of craft: attempting to enter the mind of the creator himself. Featuring iconic designer, the legendary Dries Van Noten, the project attempts to capture a glimpse of what inspires brilliance.

Teetering on the cusp of dream and reality, sprite-like figures punctuate Antwerp’s surrounding countryside and the evocative Arthur House – all locations with personal significance to the designer himself.

Entrancing images of a natural ‘dreamscape’ and atmospheric interiors that have inspired and carried Van Noten’s creations have been captured by photographer Wing Shya, under the creative direction of Sean Kunjambu. The models and settings for the shoot, all hand-picked by Dries, enable the environment, subjects and fashion to merge in unity, in a faithful attempt to depict the inner-workings of the designers mind.

"I’m very happy with how the shoot turned out. The colours are incredible and I like that you have a very atmospheric outside setting and an unexpected house interior – I think that works as a really nice contrast”.

-Dries Van Noten

Dries Van Noten’s home town Antwerp has undoubtedly been influential on his work. A historical centre for the textile and tailoring industries and a hub of fashion design talent, amongst whom Van Noten is recognized as a master of his craft. This year marks the 30th anniversary of his brand and a valuable partnership with JOYCE that has spanned several decades.

Last season saw a fresh new design and relocation of the Dries Van Noten store in the LANDMARK Hong Kong in partnership with JOYCE Group, reinforcing the strength of the brand’s presence in the Asian capital. This season also sees a milestone event for JOYCE stores, with extensive renovations and reconceptualization of the flagship JOYCE Central store – now fully completed and open to customers.

What I like about JOYCE it is that it’s very different compared to bigger organisations, meaning it has a special relationship with its customers. It has always been a pleasure to collaborate with the JOYCE team as there’s lots of positive energy around the store

"I treasure my relationship with JOYCE Hong Kong. Our shop there opened in 1997 and was my first outside Europe and only the second ever. “

- Dries Van Noten