18 May 2012

  • Jealously guarded objects, personal stories, pieces of art and desire…

    It is right in these terms of passion that Serge Bensimon often reveals intimate and endearing items to the collector. What better place than the gallery at the Palais Royal for this reflection on acute ‘collection’ mania? The compulsive collecting of objects and happiness to accumulate iconic items. This time, the little tennis shoe is the major center of interest, in a whimsical original staging. Unique pieces from artists, designers’ adaptations and prototypes: cult objects and talismans are found in the dressing room of an absolute fan of the shoe.

    Manufactured items, old collections and limited editions, there is a lot about the saga of the tennis shoe disclosed here. An attractive side of the personal life of the creator; his success built year after year on his tennis canvas, his memories and his love of the beautiful object, design.

    For each object he creates, every emotion he shares is the sum of many meetings and stories.