Christmas Comes Early to Joyce

  • It’s almost Christmas, and here at Joyce we are ringing in the winter festivities with a Viennese-inspired season. The Austrian city, famed for its stunningly beautiful squares and plazas, comes to life each winter with traditional decorations, handicrafts, and the romance afforded by a city steeped in centuries of cultural history. To transport the beauty, elegance, and festive Austrian spirit to Hong Kong, Joyce will be collaborating with a number of talented artists and artisans to create a completely unique Christmas experience.

    Have you ever wanted to see the famed Vienna Opera House? Visit Joyce this Christmas and you just might get to peek behind that famous stage. Our famed Joyce storefront windows have taken heavy inspiration from the Austrian capital’s opera house, transforming into a clever combination of the latest fashion items from Joyce’s collections, alongside elaborately designed costumes from esteemed costume couturier House of Siren.

    For over 20 years, the House of Siren has been Hong Kong’s leading costume designer, with over 700 unique couture costumes painstakingly designed and created by a team of talented tailors. In our first collaboration with the brand, we’ve chosen this unique and almost hypnotic design challenge, and the stunning results speak for themselves.

    But it’s not just fancy decor and dressage this winter: gourmands will also get to indulge their sweet tooth during a special pop-up store at Joyce Central, commemorating celebrated Viennese chocolatier Demel, makers of fine chocolates and pastries since 1786. Ludwig Dehne first settled in Vienna in 1786 and quickly began making candy, jam-filled doughnuts and Mardi Gras beignets, amongst a variety of baked goods.

    Today, the very same cake shop still boasts the original recipes – and from November 15th to December 31st, those visiting Joyce Central will be able to experience the Demel chocolate brand. Customers will be able to sample over 32 different types of chocolate from Demel, priced from a tasting for as little as HK$40, all the way through to an entire assortment for HK$450.

    In addition, two types of limited-edition Demel-themed gift hampers will also be available. Curated especially for the discerning food connoisseur: the smaller of the two includes six Demel items with a candle from Cire Trudon, and is priced at HK$2,180. The larger hamper, has six Demel items alongside a limited mirrored bottle of Ruinart Champagne, and is priced at HK$3,580.

    And finally those who can’t make it over to Joyce Central, every Joyce and their affiliated boutiques will also be stocking Demel chocolates during that period, so there’s no excuse to miss out!

    But what good is Christmas without gifts? This year sees Joyce collaborating with acclaimed designer Saul Zanolari, to create an exclusive Mozart-inspired range of holiday gifts. The selection includes candles, diaries, iPad/iPhone cases, pillows and umbrellas, each emblazoned with the famed Austrian composer’s portrait – but slightly modernised to meet Zanolari’s chic design ethos.

    Zanolari’s design combines traditional free flowing painting skills with a contemporary use of digital editing, and as he says, it took him years to finish. “Normally when I start a portrait, I finish it before I start another,” says Zanolari. “But for Mozart it was different – through the years, Mozart’s incomplete portrait was the folder of my computer looking at me… But it never happened until I was told about the Christmas theme at Joyce.”

    These exquisite gifts will be available exclusively at four Joyce boutiques in Hong Kong.

    Completing the festive experience is a winter wonderland pop-up flower shop at Joyce Central. From December 6th to the 31st, customers can choose from a variety of stunning floral arrangements and designs.

    There’s the Glass Ball, where fresh flowers are placed as if in a Christmas tree decoration, priced at HK$980. There’s the Preserved Rose Bouquet, a timeless and subtle creation at HK$1,500. And there’s the Christmas Candle Stand, a traditional holder surrounded by a gorgeous floral arrangement, priced at HK$1,800.

    And those that spend more than HK$15,000 or above on any Joyce items, will receive an exclusive flower arrangement as a show of appreciation for our valued customers. Pre-orders are available from now through to December 15th, so don’t miss it.