14 Aug 2018

Chinatown Market is a new brand that encapsulates the spirit of Canal Street in dramatic fashion with its whimsical pieces.

Born from New York-born designer Michael Cherman, it is inspired by New York’s infamous Canal Street, popular culture and an attitude that doesn’t take fashion too seriously.

After releasing a Smiley basketball, Chinatown Market has unveiled its first full drop from its collaboration with heritage brand, Smiley (who’ve owned the official smiley license for over 40 years). As expected, the iconic smiley face imagery takes center place in the drop, adorning tees, hoodies, a side-bag, and the aforementioned basketball.

Suggested Retail Prices are set to range HKD350 -HKD700 all production in Pakistan, 100% cotton jersey which printed in Los Angeles.

Available Now exclusive in Joyce Pacific Place