Beauty and the Beast

25 Jun 2013

  • Joyce has always been dedicated to supporting creative ideas. Our latest project is “The Beast Summer Garden” installation within our Beijing flagship store.

    From now until 6th July, Joyce will collaborate with the Beast, using a diverse palette of scents and hues to create a floral fashion garden. The Beast boutique has designed exclusive bouquets for Joyce in the China World Mall. Each customer will be given a special bouquet as a token of our appreciation upon purchase.

    The Beast Shop is a concept shop which pursues a modern and chic Shanghainese lifestyle. All products are hand-made, ranging from accessories, books, and floral arrangements, to fragrances and garments. Amber, the founder of The Beast spoke to us about the story behind their distinctive style.

    What makes The Beast shop special?The birth of The Beast shop was an “accident”. First of all it’s different from the traditional floral shops because we started from Weibo, then developed into to an independent website. Recently we have just begun an internet mobile platform, which is fun. Secondly, I don’t have a professional floral design background. My designs are based on my intuition, which is why my products and aesthetics are unlike others.

    What can the Joyce customers expect from "the Beast" pop up shop in Joyce?We’ve prepared over 10 thousand stems of flowers from over 100 types of floral plants, lots of which are exotic species. The special and pleasurable scents will surround the entire store. Customers can enjoy our homemade refreshments while waiting for the bouquets. Moreover, VIP costumers of Joyce will be invited to join our floral art classes!

    How was the idea of collaborating with Joyce conceived?This will be our first bricks and mortar store albeit temporary, so it’s an exciting project for us. Joyce represents the dream of any stylish city girl. A supernatural beauty which evolves with the changing season. Flowers are a truly luxurious beauty and therefore compliment Joyce perfectly. I’m so honoured to collaborate with Joyce.

    Tell us about your interests in fashion, beauty, floral design and lifestyle.
    I like easy and simple designs such as Balenciaga - and I never wear makeup. I adore the famous French floral artist Eric Chauvin’s natural rural style. I like contemporary art and enjoy collecting furniture. I will place an Andrée Putman sofa in the pop-up store as part of the decoration, which is now out of production.

    For more information on The Beast shop, please visit: