A Very Mary Christmas

Fashion designer Mary Katrantzou tells Joyce how she gets into the festive mood.

Christmas at my house is a very family affair. We always have a party at my house in Athens on the 23rd, my parents invite all their friends and I invite all of mine. It's a rare occasion when we are all together as everyone is based all over the world now. It is normally quite a late affair with lots of eating, drinking and catching up!

Christmas is the only time of the year I get to fully switch off. Emails slow down and I can enjoy being at home with my family and my boyfriend. We fly out together a few days before Christmas when the celebrations are normally in full swing at my house. My mum decorates the house every year, she is an interior designer so it always looks amazing! After Christmas we spend New Year in Greece before coming back to London, January is always a busy time as we get into full fashion week mode!

Playing a card game called The Mafia is always a hilarious affair! It's a tradition with my family to play it every year, we normally play it after dinner, way into the night! Spending Christmas at my house in Spetses also brings back wonderful memories for me. As a child we used to go there, and as the community is so small, everyone groups together to celebrate in the village on Christmas eve.

Hitting the slopes at Christmas - major fashion moment for me!

Dressed up festive red. My mum used to love tartan and this dress was one of her favourites at Christmas...!

Because no Christmas is complete without a tree! My mum knows how much I love decorating it so always waits until i'm back so that I can help!

This picture perfectly captures Christmas in the Katrantzou household! Warm, festive with the essential celebratory glass of champagne!

Custom wrist band for the Mary Katrantzou Christmas Party. They're always so much fun!

Beautiful table settings for our Christmas dinner - my mother worked in interior design so she always decorates the house beautifully around Christmas

Wondering whether it's possible to rework our Swarovski encrusted cookie cutters into Christmas decorations!?

Because everyone needs a board game on Christmas day...it's when my competitive streak comes out!