26 Aug 2014

  • Yumedreaming Epicurean was born from Twiggy, one of Tokyo’s much lauded hair care emporiums favoured by clientele from the fashion, beauty and entertainment industries. Salon de Twiggy is famous for offering modern and highly customized hairstyles, in a balanced, holistic environment that actively promotes a healthy mind, body, and spirit. From this space, Yumedreaming Epicurean delivers a range of hair care products exempt of artificial composites and brimming with Japanese natural resources and traditional methods.

    The luxurious Yumedreaming Epicurean portfolio offers cleansing, treating, nurturing, balancing, and enhancing hair care products for all hair types. Each product has been crafted in partnership with nature. The range offers unisex Shampoo and Treatment Conditioners in Rich or Light versions, for healthy, shiny hair. Special scalp and hair beauty needs are catered to with Hair Tonic, Hair Cleansing Clay and Hair Oil Light.